Educents: Saving You Time and Money



Today I'm very excited to share a resource that will greatly help you in the education of your children. I'm offering you a bit of a "sneak peak", too!    I'm talking about Educents, a new daily deal site that is going to help you in very tangible ways.  

As a homeschool mom, I am constantly scouring multiple sources for the best deals on products we use in our homeschool.   

Sometimes, however, I will just pay full price for something because I don't have time to search for the best deal.  

My time is valuable (I'm sure you can relate!) and often I need to weigh the amount of time I will spend seeking a deal versus paying full price.  

What is Educents? 

Educents was founded by a fellow homeschooling family that watched their mother struggle to afford the best learning materials. Shouldn't every family have affordable access to educational resources? It was then the family had the light bulb for Educents.

Educents will rely on strength in numbers to change the status quo of how materials that are important in YOUR children's education will reach them.  

It is a Flash buying site that will be offering materials discounted  30-90%.

What Products Might You Find on Educents?

  • study guides
  • ebooks
  • educational software
  • curriculum
  • learning tools and toys
  • videos and tutorials for all subjects
  • and much more!


Sign Up Today For a Free $15 Gift Card


To sign up for a free $15 gift card, simply visit  Educents and pre-register for the site.

Once you are registered (email address required) you will be sent your $15 gift card.  It's that simple.

Educents will be launching April 2, 2013, but I have heard there will be sneak peak deals for people who have pre-registered.   

What do you have to lose?    I've registered and I'm looking forward to saving time and money.

After all, when you are homeschooling, those are two VERY BIG commodities!  


*I'm curious.   Are there certain resources you would love to be able to save money on?  What are they?  Leave me a comment and let me know. 


This post was sponsored by Educents