How To Become Pinterest Savvy


A few months ago I started noticing a very interesting trend in my blog stats.  

Pinterest became my NUMBER ONE source of traffic.

It all stemmed from one little post I did a few years ago, before Pinterest was in existence.  

Since that time I've been intrigued by Pinterest and wondering how to expand that platform to benefit my blog.   

Enter Melissa Taylor and her new book, Pinterest Savvy: How I Got 1 Million+ Followers .   

I LOVE this book.  

I will let you in on a little secret:  Earlier this week, I got 1,000 followers in ONE DAY - through following some of Melissa's simple tips and tricks.   

You can benefit from this book, trust me.

Better still, it is FREE TODAY ONLY (2/7/13).

Grab your copy  right now!

 About Pinterest Savvy

The book is broken into chapters that are as follows:

  • Pinterest Basics
  • Getting Started
  • Pin Skills
  • Pintastic Pin-Boards
  • How to Be Awesome (and Get More Followers)
  • Pinterest For Business
  • Advice From Top Pinners
  • Interesting Pinners To Follow
  • Final Thoughts

The advice Melissa gives is simple, straight-forward, and easy to implement when you have just a few moments of time.

Pinterest Tips

So, what are the big things I took away that might interest you?  (I can only share a few, because you can see them ALL for free if you snag your copy today.   After that the price goes up to $4.99 - still a bargain.


  • Organize Your Boards - Put your best boards up there first.   Organize by time of year, etc...
  • Pin Beautiful Images - We've all heard about "Pinnable Images".
  • Comment on Pins and Tag Other Pinners - Take a few minutes every day to repin things from new followers and comment on those pins.  Take them using the @ in Pinterest.
  • Make sure your Pinterest profile is linked to your blog, and make sure your blog links to your Pinterest profile.
  • "Bokeh" (that blurry thing in pictures) is your friend.   Get CLOSE when you are taking pictures for Pinnable images.


I could go on and on....

You can see more "pinnables" on the Pinterest Savvy site


Cool Features

On the webiste for Pinterest Savvy, Melissa has created several worksheets to go along with the book.   I worked through these in a group of people who are helping to launch her book, and they are very helpful.

Not only do you receive the book, you receive support to help you implement the strategies in the book.

See why I'm so excited?  

I still have A LOT to do to maximize Pinterest for my use, but the possibilities are so exciting.

I'm happy to know Melissa Taylor and proud to help launch this wonderful book.

Remember, it is free today !


*This post contains Amazon affiliate links.