LEGO Deals that Don't Break the Bank - Plus a Clutch Powers Giveaway



Today I'd like to share some fun LEGO products for your kids that don't break the bank. 

I will also be giving away the LEGO resource that has gotten the most face time in our house since January.

I like to keep a stash of LEGO things on hand for rewards, birthday presents for friends, Easter baskets, or simply just to say I love you.   

I also use minifigures for writing activities, LEGO reader books, and many other LEGO products in our homeschool.    

Here are some LEGO products we love that don't break the bank!


My son loves the LEGO reader books.  There are all kinds and all levels.   Now he's reading the Ninjago chapter books (over and over again).   They are fairly inexpensive, too.



These are great to keep on hand for rewards.   

Do your kids obsess about the different series of minifigs?    

I will often purchase a minifigure, give it to my son, and then ask him to write me a story in his LEGO journal about that minifig!  



My LEGO lover also loves to write!   We picked up a Ninjago journal on sale at the bookstore several months ago and it is FILLED with stories.    I think he was simply inspired to fill up a cool LEGO notebook.  

There are tons of fun pencils, cases, notebooks, folders, and journals out there that can inspire your LEGO afficionado!   

Fun Sets Under $15

The small Creator sets are great! 

I have used these in stockings, Easter baskets, car rides, and plane flights.  

The great thing is that most of them are 3 in 1 sets - you can build three things from just the one set. 

These also make great birthday presents.  We give a minifigure and a small Creator set, which makes for a nice little gift!  

For the Kitchen

Surprise your child with some of these fun items and watch how much fun they will have creating.

We've made soap, chocolates, candy, and so much more.   This is great stuff to have if you are having a LEGO birthday, or really just trying to be a fun mom!


Movies and Video Games

The Adventures of Clutch Powers was totally new to Grant just a few months ago.  A friend loaned it to him for a long car trip and he watched it the entire time.   This is a great little movie.   Better still, it's just $7.

There are also other movies and Wii games for your LEGO lover.    


Since we love The Adventures of Cluth Powers so much, I would like to give away a copy of the movie to one lucky reader.   Complete the entries in Rafflecopter to win!   


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