Telling Stories: LEGO Education StoryStarter Set



We all know the mesmerizing powers of LEGO bricks.

This spring our learning with LEGO has been taken to a whole new level.

The LEGO Education StoryStarter Set has brought such fun, creativity, and learning into our homeschool. 

It is also making my son a better WRITER.    

Yes, playing with LEGOS can help your child learn to write.  

About The StoryStarter Set 

LEGO Education makes this StoryStarter Set for classrooms, but we are finding it IDEAL for our homeschool use.  

Essentially, it is a speaking, listening, presentation, and writing curriculum all wound into one.  

It helps your children identify elements of a story, helps them create their own stories, and also put them into words with the unique StoryStarter software.

LEGO Education has a great video which explains it all! 

The basic set comes with a huge variety of pieces, storage trays, stickers to help with organization, and two story starter spinners.   


Using LEGO Education StoryStarter in Your Homeschool

My brain has been on overdrive considering the possibilities for this program in our homeschool.

You know I love to teach LEGO classes, right?

This would be the PERFECT curriculum for a LEGO Co-Op class, or LEGO camps.  

There is a complete curriculum that comes with this set (24 project based language arts activities to be exact), along with web based software that allows your child to import pictures of their creations and then write their own stories -- all on the computer.

This type of learning really SPEAKS to my eight year old son! 

Currently we have worked our way through just a handful of the lessons.

My son and a friend used the spinner to pick a set number of LEGO parts, and then tell a story with just those parts.

We spoke of the WHO, WHAT, WHY, and WHERE in a story.

We learnd about BEGINNING, MIDDLE, and END.

These are all such valuable language arts skills for our children.

What I love most is that I had the boys speak to me about their stories - that presentation component is golden!

Every single thing you need for a creative writing curriculum is put together in one marvelous LEGO box.

I (ummm, WE)  are in heaven.

Using The StoryStarter Set with Read-Alouds 

My husband is reading The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe aloud right now.

Of course, my son wanted to "build this story".  

{I think this is modern Charlote Mason narration!}

This is also exactly what we do in Writing With Ease each week.

My children are learning to summarize, narrate, and write.

When I told him to go get the StoryStarter box and make the story, he came back with this:

Edmund meets the White Witch:


The White Witch gives Edmund Turkish Delight:


The Children at the wardrobe:


You will be hearing much from me in the future about our adventures with the LEGO Education StoryStarter Set!

For now, I want you to know this valuable resource exists.

As you plan for next year, this investment might just be worth it's weight in gold.

Questions? -- ask away!   I'll try to answer any you have.

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*I was given this product in exchange for my honest use and review of the product.   No other compensation was received.