Give Your Homeschool Day the Right Start


Giving your children a predictable, happy, and faith-filled start to the day can make such a huge difference in everyone's life. 

Do you struggle with a good start to your homeschool day?

On days when we get a good start our day usually turns out well. The days where I have not been diligent about our morning routine, or slept in late myself, do not usually progress as well.

One of the reasons I love homeschooling so much is the flexibility it gives us. I have found, however, that being too flexible with our mornings just doesn't work out well. I can allow everyone occasional times to sleep in, and as long as we still follow our same ROUTINE we're all good.

Allow me to share with you what works in our home. Maybe it can help you, too.

Mom Gets Up Before The Kids

(I will preface this post by saying I not longer have babies in my house. We don't struggle with getting up in the middle of the night or getting up at insane hours in the morning. If my son is up before 7:00 a.m. he knows he is to play quietly in his room until it's time for everyone to be up.)

I do remember the days of babies, though, and if you are the mom of little ones please let me encourage you. It took years of training and consistence with morning routines, but now we are reaping the rewards.

I try to be up at least an hour (hopefully two) before my children. I need this time for my own sanity. I do my devotions, exercise, take a shower, or get things set with my blog for the day.

I set a timer for THIRTY MINUTES and that is my online time. I cannot afford to get sucked in for any longer than that!

I grabbed this Bible study ebook bundle this week, so now I have plenty of good Bible study resources for myself. If I don't spend time with God in the morning, my day never goes well. 

If I'm really lucky my husband wakes me up with a cup of coffee and a Bible verse of encouragement, but most mornings he leaves at 4:45 a.m. for the gym. I can't get up THAT early!  I do enjoy my sleep.

Typically my alarm rings at 6:00 a.m.

Give Kids a Reason to Join You

If you have children (especially preteens) who willingly hop out of bed for the school day I applaud you. 

I do not. They need some inspiration.  {I'm also a bit of a task master and make my child who would love to lay in bed all morning set an alarm.}

Recently a friend of mine shared with me that when she wakes her children she tells them something like "You can join me in the schoolroom for a fun art activity in 30 minutes!" or something similar. This motivates children and gives them a good start.

Just this week I woke up my preteen at 7:15 (she wasn't happy, as usual!) and told her would be coloring Easter Eggs in the kitchen in 30 minutes. She was downstairs in 15 minutes flat!  


 This same friend also plays fun music to get her children out of bed. 

My own mother used to come in my bedroom and turn on my music boxes (I collected them) and sing and dance until I had no choice but to laugh. I have such fond memories because of this. What a powerful memory from my own mom.

Make a Yummy Breakfast

I struggle with this because I've never been a big breakfast cooker.

Even just putting store bought cinnamon rolls in the oven in the morning makes my kids happy.

I have discovered a wonderful overnight oatmeal recipe that makes our mornings VERY simple.  

Chocolate chip pancakes or waffles are also another favorite.

Lately I have been trying lots of different smoothies for the kids.  

Bacon is my daughter's love language. I try to make lots of bacon! 

Whatever you do, make breakfast a time where everyone sits together to begin the day as a family. My husband is never home for breakfast, so it's just the three of us, but I try to be consistent about that.

Do The Same Thing After Breakfast Each Day 

During and after our breakfast we are having devotions. I will read out of each child's devotion book and then we pray together. Even if they don't seem interested I do it anyway. You never know what goes on in those little hearts.

We have a special place right in our breakfast nook for Bible study resources, our Charlotte Mason verse box, and a journal.


Our favorite devotions come from Tommy Nelson:

I try to keep our breakfast room area neat (we also do a lot of school here, so sometimes that's hard), so the kids can feel free to relax into the day. 

This peaceful environment has made all the difference.


After Bible study we always watch that day's edition of CNN Student News, and then we are ready to tackle the essentials of our day. 

Depending upon the child and the season we are in, I may have made schedules and assignment lists.

Other days I want to be a bit more unschoolish (is that a word?) and I won't hand out the assignments. 

You have to know your children and how they function most productively.


  • get up before your kids
  • give them a reason to get up
  • feed them a yummy breakfast
  • have one consistent activity after breakfast  


What do you do to give your homeschool day a good start?