Collage Friday - A BIG Change and a BIG Sale!

As we are drawing to the close of this school year I'm looking back and wondering when my kids grew up?

This will be the end of our fourth year of homeschooling, and while it seems like we've been doing this a while now, it also seems like we are just starting.

Next year we will be making a big change and joining our local Classical Conversations community.

We have struggled the past couple of years to figure where we "fit" (as far as a homeschool community goes) and I think CC is going to be a good match. 

I have also wrestled with how to handle my daughter's education as she gets older (she'll be 7th grade next year - yikes!).  We needed something more formalized for her. 

I'm looking forward to the change, the structure, the community, the philosophy, and the accountability that CC will provide.

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After reading Leigh Bortin's The Core and doing massive amounts of online research we were pretty much sold. Then, we attended several excellent seminars at The Great Homeschool Convention led by Andrew Pudewa and other classical educators, and we knew this was the right decision for our children.

Classical Education

We have always subscribed to the classical model - using Story of the World, First Language Lessons, and Writing With Ease. Next year, we will go all the way. I have seen how well it works for my children and I want them to have MORE. There will still be time (especially with Grant) for Delight Directed Learning and unit studies, but our CORE will be classical.


Many materials came this week. The Foundations manual arrived, along with four sets of timeline cards. They are beautiful. I put the Cycle 2 cards in a binder and my husband has been looking through them each day - he told me he's learning so much! 

I had read Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood before, but I've been trolling the site a lot lately. This is my new favorite blog! 

My husband and I are also starting to read some CS Lewis. It's good stuff!  

I had to laugh at my daughter bringing some Homer to the Braves game last week - surely that's a homeschooled child, right?

Enjoying My Kids

Sometimes it's nice to step back and enjoy your kids, isn't it? I had some chances to do that this week.

 1. A morning at the duck park with Grant - we had some time to ourselves and it's always fun to hang out with him. We parked at the library and walked around the lake to the park, where we just chatted and watched the ducks. Priceless.

2. Enjoying Loco Froyo after a morning of standardized testing.  (testing pretty much took up our week)

3. Anna at one of her last children's chorus practices of the year. This week is her piano recital and next week is her spring choral concert. This has been such a musical year for her - truly wonderful. Auditioning for and spending the year in this chorus has been a great opportunity for her, and she will continue with this next year. (And I have to brag just a bit - she received a 97% on her music theory final exam in chorus and it was HARD!) Music is truly her "anchor".

4. More special times with Grant - I love the conversations we have while he's scootering and I'm walking. I know these times are fleeting.

5. Anna volunteered one morning at the same preschool she attended - it was their Transportation Day and she had a great time. She volunteers here one morning each week and it has been such a good experience for her.

6. We went to a Braves game (they lost - it was cold and rainy - not the best game we've ever been to!). My husband and son are OBSESSED with baseball. Anna and I like it by default {grins}.


Teacher Appreciation


Aren't these Calla Lilies lovely? They were a teacher appreciation gift from my husband and children. 

Big Sale!

You know how much I love Notebooking Pages. You can purchase a year long membership for $25 off through the end of May - they also have some other specials going on, so check it out:  

Blog Happenings 

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A New Music eBook by Yours Truly

I have been working very hard on a special eBook. I finally can say (with some certainty) that it will be coming out in early June. I've been going over eBook covers, working on a site for the book, and finishing the actual content.

It will be an extension of what I've shared with you on the blog - but a full blown way for you to expose your children to the wonderful pieces of music in each era of history. 

I'm VERY excited about this!

If you link up with Collage Friday regularly and are interested in previewing a copy, please let me know. 

Also, please remember there is a new eBook available, iBlog. This is a comprehensive resource for bloggers (wannabe bloggers and experienced bloggers alike!). It's a good purchase if you would like to learn more about blogging, grow your blog, learn how to start a blog, and much more!  I have a chapter in the book about building community through your blog.

Are you making any big changes in your homeschool as you think about next year?

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