Collage Friday - Being Intentional About Doing Nothing


This week is one of several in our summer that I have been intentional about having NOTHING on our schedules. No classes, camps, volunteer commitments, or other things to take up our week means we are forced to just BE.

I remember the busy days of our schoool year, and I know there will be busy days coming in just another month or so. 

It's IMPORTANT to just let our children have time for unstructured activities. It's IMPORTANT for moms to rest and do things other than school. 

That's what this week has been about.

Time For Mom


I've actually focused on myself more than usual this week.

I'm not much into the "selfie" shots, but the other day on the way to pick up Anna from her mission trip I decided to take one.  It was a low humidity day and I liked my straight hair. (it's the little things)

I snagged some fun shoes on a shopping trip - Grant helped me pick them out and they are totally fun. 

Reading an awesome book also made my week relaxing. Thanks to Karin, I got What Alice Forgot and devoured it this week. If you're looking for a light read that's a real page turner, get this book.  

A friend and I went to lunch. I actually sat at Starbucks by myself for an hour and read.  (It's great to have a child that is old enough to babysit - I am loving that!)

 Loving Our Public Library

We have a wonderful little public library. 

Tuesday we went and spent a long time checking out books.

Then, we stayed for a craft program. Anna was able to be a volunteer - and she assisted lots of little ones with their crafts. 

Grant got to make a lot of crafts and had a very good time.

I liked it all because it was free, educational, and just a great way to spend our down time.

 Outdoor Fun

Each night this week we took a walk as a family (well, except for Thursday night when we went Cosmic Bowling with Aunt Julie and Uncle David!).

We had the chance to see other families in our neighborhood, ride bikes, and see some pretty sunsets. Anna actually asked me to take her picture in the bottom right photo. This doesn't happen much these days, so I gladly obliged!

Another day was spent at the pool - Grant could spend hours perfectng his cannonballs I think.

I brought in gardenias from our bushes in the front yard and picked more hydrangeas. Grant perfected a bike course through our driveaway and back yard, and Anna spent loads of time meticulously coloring an American Girl poster while listening to music.

We took some of our free time to keep reading The Lord of The Rings aloud. We'll be finished by the end of the summer I'm sure! 

Unstructured time. Do you make time for that?

Or, do you sometimes feel that if your kids aren't "invovled" in an activity you surely must be failing them?

I used to feel that way. Now I feel that I'm failing them if they don't have time just be with themselves with nothing to do. 

That's it for this week... short, sweet, and full of nothing.

Would you say a prayer for Anna next week?  She leaves Tuesday for a visit with my sister, who lives in upstate NY. Anna has flown several times before, but this will be her first time flying by herself. I think I'm more nervous than she is, actually.  I know she is going to have a great time, but we'll miss her! 


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