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Are you incorporating music appreciation into your homeschool this year?

SQUILT (Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time) is an easy and effective way to give your children exposure to great pieces of music.

My goal was to create an eCurriculum that was affordable, user friendly, and required NO PREPARATION on the part of the parent. 

SQUILT is appropriate for children in a broad age range - elementary students are the target audience, but the curriculum can be adapted up or down for preschoolers and middle schoolers.  

What does SQUILT include?

  • 10 lessons - each lesson focusing on one great piece of music
  • SQUILT Notebooking Pages - one for older children and one for younger children
  • Notebooking pages about each composer mentioned
  • Informational sheets about rhythm, tempo, instrumentation, and dynamics
  • Bonus listening information which lets you extend learning if you so choose
  • Coloring sheets for younger students
  • ALL links you will need for listening to music and learning about composers

 Visit the SQUILT Curriculum website to learn more and see samples.   

For two days only (August 1-2) the price of the SQUILT Curriculum is reduced to $4.99 (discounted from $8.99).

This means you get 10 weeks of music instruction for just $.50/week.

Now, that's a DEAL! 

If you are looking for meaningful, simple, music appreciation this year, grab your copy of SQUILT now.

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Happy Back to School!