A Huge Homeschool Event


I'm very excited to share with you a HUGE Homeschool event! 

Starting this Tuesday at 12 a.m. the Omnibus will go on sale.

What are the details of the Omnibus?

  • Over 90 books from well known homeschool authors
  • Price is $25 - but the actual value is $590!!   
  • I can't tell you the books included, but I can tell you that my SQUILT Volume 1 is one of the books
  • Others books about art, language arts, cooking, organization, encouragement, and SO MUCH MORE will be included. (Tuesday you will be able to see a list of the books included, I promise!)


Check back HERE at Homegrown Learners Tuesday at 12 a.m. (if you're up that late!) or any time through August 25th at midnight. 


You'll have enough bedtime reading to last for an entire year!

Isn't that exciting?