Week 1 of the BIG CHANGE! Collage Friday

Our week was dominated by the beginning of Anna's Challenge A program at Classical Conversations.

We are trying to adjust to a new schedule, flesh out just how everyone will accomplish what they need to accomplish, and also begin our extracurriculars for the year.

It was a very busy week, but I can say with certainty that I am pleased with that. 

Most of all I have been thanking God (almost hourly) for the gift Classical Conversations has been to our homeschool. It is literally the answer to prayer.

My husband and I have been noticing that Anna is so happy because she has such a sense of purpose, excitement, and belonging. She enjoys what she is learning and is eager to please her tutor (CC's name for teacher) and peers.

It is also being instilled in her that whatever she does, it should be for God's glory. 

That is most important to her dad and I.

I am feeling a sense of direction and community that is also very comforting. 

Grant's week was full of math, writing, reading, spelling, and LEGOS. I made sure his basic were covered each day, and then made myself available for the bulk of the day if Anna had questions or needed help.


I am so fortunate to have a very low maintenance little boy.  He started playing fall baseball this week, so everything is right in his world! 

My weekly collage posts will probably involve alternating recaps of what each child is doing in their CC programs, as well as any additional outings or fun things we've done (at least that's they way it is this week!).

If you're not a Classical Conversations person, I still hope you will read and participate. I think a lot of what I'll share will still be great links, homeschool ideas, recipes, giveaways, and all the usual goodies.

Anna's First Week of Challenge A

Anna's first day of "school" was Tuesday.

She was quite nervous the night before, but did just great that day. 

There are EIGHT children in her group. The class dynamic is so fun to watch. They meet 8:30-3:30 each Tuesday. 

The expectation is that there will be one hour of at home work for each of the 6 "seminars" that are covered each Tuesday. That means Anna spends one hour (or thereabouts) each day in the following areas:

  • Math
  • Latin
  • Rhetoric
  • Geography
  • Literature/Writing
  • Science

If you calculate that out your child is working 9-3 each day (and that's w/out any breaks). 

This is A LOT of work, but we are learning how to budget our time, get up earlier, and just knock it all out. I've been SO PROUD of Anna this week.

 The photo explanations - starting with the picture of Anna on the top and moving clockwise:

  • Anna - My sweet girl on her first day
  • White tennis shoes - nothing to do with Challenge A actually - just signifies that Anna's children's chorus is starting this weekend and we needed to be prepared with white pants and shoes for her uniform.
  • Saxon Math - Using the Saxon Teacher CD Roms is working wonderfully! I am following the teacher's guide in both Grant and Anna's math books to the letter and I can already see Saxon's spiral approach WORKING. I'm a Saxon fanatic. Really. I made a vlog about it in case you're interested.
  • Sunshine - the sun FINALLY came out Wednesday afternoon after a SUMMER of rain. I'm not kidding. It never got sweltering hot here - just lots and lots of rain.
  • My two nuts - This has been an adjustment for them this week. They are used to doing most of their schoolwork together. Now they are doing totally different programs in totally separate areas of the house. We still play math games together, and Anna sneaks in for read alouds, too.
  • Anna's study area - She has her maps, Chatecism memory cards, to-do lists, and everything else just the way she likes it. 
  • Making flash cards - This is a BIG DEAL in Challenge A. She has been making flash cards for geography terms, latin vocabulary, and Chatechisms. I love the emphasis on memory work. 
  • More flash cards - It's all about the highlighters right now. Seriously, I think she loves her schoolwork because of her highlighters and zebra desk accessories.  
  • It Couldn't Just Happen - This is the book being used for Rhetoric. I love how she can study about our world and evidence FOR creation. I am reading the book, too - I wish I could have learned these things at her age. I think it would have helped me defend my faith from an earlier age. 
  • Latin, Latin, Latin - I made flashcards from CC Connected and also studied declensions. We have been listening to songs about first declension and learning this as a family. It's not so bad, actually!
  • Anna hard at work - Her self discipline this week has been very good. She's started getting up at 6:45 a.m. so she can knock out quite a bit of her work in the morning.  We are a family of early risers (well, I'm learning to be one) and this just works well for her. Our houses closes down around 9:00 each night.
  • Her view - I love Anna's study area. It has a window to our back yard - and my husband is starting a huge project back there to put in a fire pit and patio.  Our working environments can so influence our attitudes, don't you agree?

Do you want to know what this mom liked the most about her "school"?

I loved that the class was SMALL. All of the children were supportive of each other and very encouraging. There were no worries about what was being worn or who was "cool".

The kids genuinely love to LEARN, DISCUSS, and DEBATE. There's  no room for the usual traditional school junk that goes on in most places. 

Why is it that so many parents just accept that middle school is a wasteland and write those precious years off? 

{Stepping off my soap box now...}

 Anna knew one boy going into this class who made a special effort to make sure that she felt welcome and was having a good day. Anna remarked to me how kind he was on Tuesday.

I made sure to tell his mother about that, too. The world needs more mighty young men like this! 

 A Little Fun

Monday was spent at a homeschool day at a local nature center. 

This nature center is a gem hidden in the Chattahoochee Hills area just south of Atlanta. I'm glad it's so close to us. 

We learned all about Birds of Prey and dissected owl pellets... which prompted us to embark upon a little Owl Unit Study

After the learning, we headed to a fun little area near us and went to lunch with our friends. This is a planned community with shops, restaurants, housing, barns, and lots more. It's a very trendy, "green" community and it was fun to finally get there and see what it was all about. 

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