Make Reading Fun For Kids


We've found a marvelous book to make reading fun!

As the kids are winding down for bed I am usually folding laundry or doing ironing. That's a perfect time to listen to a little one read aloud.

My daughter loved to read ANYTHING aloud to me.

My son, however, is a little harder to impress. (I've always heard boys take more inspiration when it comes to reading, and I believe it.)

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A fun book of poetry by Jack Prelutsky has been a fun nightly read aloud for Grant. He lays on my floor and giggles while he reads. 

This warms my heart.

A Pizza the Size of the Sun has tons of funny poems with loads of interesting (and HARD) vocabulary words.


Some poems are written backwards. Others are written in mirror writing.

You never know what will be on the next page, and that's what makes it so much fun.

School at eight o'clock at night?  I think so. 

There's just something about those little hands holding a book - the wonder in their eyes, and the smile on their face.

I want to always keep that image of a little boy on my floor (clutching his favorite LEGO minifig) in my memory.

{This is another benefit of blogging - I can keep all of these little memories preserved here in this space.}


As a parent you know they are unlocking a powerful world of imagination, language, and learning.

I'm thinking these poems would make great copy work, or even a springboard for his own creative writing.

So many possibilities, right?

Does your child read aloud to you?

What are some of their favorites?