LEGO Learning With Architecture Sets


LEGO bricks have been springboard for many studies in our home.

Sometimes our history or literature studies inspire LEGO creations. 

I love this two way LEGO street: LEGOS inspire learning and learning inspires LEGO building.

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Last Christmas my son was introduced to a LEGO® architecture set. His aunt and uncle gave him his very first architecture set. Not only was it challenging to build, but it was also educational and inspired further learning. 

The LEGO® White House, a 560 piece set, was quite the undertaking for my barely 8 year old son. 

{Note: This set normally sells for $49.99 - currently it is on sale for $37. These prices change quickly - I can't guarantee this price.}

He opened this gift late at night - and decided to get up the next morning to begin buidling. He woke (with no alarm clock) at 5:30 a.m. the next day and got to work. I made sure he had paper plates to separate the pieces on and helped him do a little organizing, but he did the rest himself. 


He worked and worked...

While he worked I read to him about the White House (the set includes a very nice book about the history and architecture of the White House).

After SEVEN HOURS he finished. He didn't even break to eat - I remember setting his breakfast and lunch in front of him to have while he worked.


After he had completed this set, we found the book, Woodrow The White House Mouse, and read it as follow up. 

We watched The White House: Inside America's Most Famous Home

*This LEGO set got my son interested in the history of an American landmark. This was interest led learning at its finest. 

Another simple architecture set I snagged on sale earlier this year was The Empire State Building. This set is simple and easy to complete. Grant has been asking for more architecture sets, but I haven't gotten any just yet. 

One of the challenges I face with LEGO sets is that the really good ones can be expensive - especially the architecture sets.

Last week when I was looking online for more architecture sets, I was so happy to find them on sale. I did some digging online and these are the lowest prices I could find.

Sets currently on sale (as of 9/16/13) via Amazon include:

If you need a special birthday or Christmas gift -- or just want to surprise your LEGO lover, take advantage of these deals NOW. Amazon deals come and go quickly. 

I know a certain little someone that will be getting one of these for his birthday in a few months! 

Do you have any LEGO® Architecture sets? 

**Stay tuned for 2 special LEGO posts this week. Tomorrow's post includes another LEGO printable, and Wednesday's post features a giveaway from LEGO Education®.