The Simple Gifts Are The Biggest Blessings - Collage Friday

 This week has been VERY stressful.

I know I am getting older (and my faith is getting bigger!), because the stressful events of the week just didn't phase me like they would have just a couple of years ago.

No matter what happens to us, I know my God is BIG ENOUGH to handle all of it. HE knows the plans for my life and His plans are for good. 

I'm reminded at every turn that when we focus on OTHERS and not ourselves, our problems seem to melt away. 

I was so happy to focus on my presentation for the Heart of the Matter Online's Fall Conference on Thursday evening: Making Music in Your Homeschool EASY. Did you catch any of the conference? (It's still going on tonight!)

We had a full week of homeschooling - quite a productive week, actually, but this week's collages will focus mostly on the simple gifts that have been the BIGGEST blessings.

S'mores on a Saturday night with two giggly boys... laying in bed and listening to them giggle during a sleepover was a huge treat. Can't they always stay this little?

Using the new firepit - time to laugh and appreciate each other

The ushering in of fall - weather cool enough to begin eating our dinners outside and throwing on a light sweater

Happy children (and dad!) playing football and baseball in the back yard

Picnic lunches while reading aloud - the seventh grader begging me to just "read a little more!"

"Date nights" with my 8 year old - him holding the doors for me and stopping to look at the full moon

A brother and sister caught having a good time together outside (some days it seems like they just like to get under each other's skin, but I'm trying to take note of all the time they DO get along)

LOTS of free time for LEGO building, and the blessing of working with LEGO Education

More time for read alouds outside - and our awesome read-aloud, The Minstrel in the Tower

An inquisitive class at Classical Conversations, and the gift of inquisitiveness during a science experiment

The FREEDOM to just take a nap on a Monday afternoon if you're feeling under the weather


Next week I will be blogging a bit more about why we are loving Classical Conversations and some of the ways we are doing CC at home during the week. It really has been such a blessing to us.

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