Signs of Fall - Collage Friday

 Fall has arrived in Georgia.

This means: lots of time outside, fall baseball, and renewed energy.

Fall is my favorite season. I feel more energized and everything just looks better when the weather starts to cool off.  Can you relate?

School is humming right along. In just another week we will be on a fall break, which is going to be very welcome! The Challenge A program has been difficult, and I'm sure Anna is going to be happy to have a week of no school work! She's been working very hard for the past seven weeks.

Fall Baseball

Baseball tends to dominate our lives right now.

I'm ok with that, too.

It is something we all love, and Grant excels at this sport. He's been playing for almost five years now, and I don't see any signs of him stopping.

This is the first time he has played player-pitch, and he's doing really well.

Tuesday night our team played the NUMBER ONE COACH PITCH team in the state. That was a bit intimidating, and we lost 6-3, but our boys played well and now (as my friend Cheryl likes to say), "the rubicon has been crossed!".


Grant batting - that's my lefty!

Warming up with the hitting stick

Taking the pitcher's mound for the first time - he did AWESOME!

Playing his favorite position - first base

Dinner before the big game - stalking the Chick Fil-A cow!


My Tacky Kid!

The Challenge A class put together a Tacky Day and Pizza Day on Tuesday.

I love how these kids are coming together, planning events, and really starting to form some good friendships.

Anna is the "caterer" for her class - she made cookies for Tuesday

Ready to go on Tacky Day - reading a book (of course) at breakfast

She read FOUR books this week (in addition to her schoolwork)... she loves Dear America books

Homeschoolers are so weird and unsocialized, aren't they?

Odds and Ends

I'm not sure where the entire week went, but we did pack a lot into it.

Grant and I enjoyed a stroll through our local downtown while Anna had an orthodontist appointment. There is a lot of civil war history there, so we got some hot chocolate and walked around the town square reading the historical markers and talking. It was really nice to have this time together - we thought our shadows looked pretty interesting!

The art concept this week was PERSPECTIVE - Grant did a nice Fall leaves/tree tutorial

Map tracing with Sharpies is his FAVORITE CC activity!

I started The Shop on Blossom Street - love this sweet little book.

Grant wrote LEGO stories for his CC presentation - I will be offering the writing paper as a download soon.

Our latest book is The Whipping Boy - we listened to this one on Audible.


Random Thoughts:

I think there is a special place in heaven for moms that have homeschooled their kids through graduation, don't you?

My husband has been gone on business all week. I really missed him and appreciate so much what he does for our family.

I dislike politics very much - politics in our country, politics at work, church, etc... I'm learning the older I get that I just withdraw from these situations because they are utterly POINTLESS. I had a chat with a friend this week that just confirmed with me that life is TOO SHORT for power struggles or ladder climbing. Don't you agree? 

I'm seeing a new chiropractor today - would you pray that this might be an answer to the pain I've suffered with for FIVE YEARS now?  I'm very good at putting on a happy face, but some days it gets very hard to handle.

We are loving Classical Conversations

I blogged about some of our Homeschool Investments this week, and realized I would be a RICH WOMAN if I didn't homeschool!  (well, physically rich, but not emotionally rich, that's for sure)

For the next two weeks there is a 20% sale on all SQUILT products. Use the code FALL2013 at checkout.


I hope you can join me for Collage Friday!  How has your week been? We have a great community of homeschool support here! 

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