Music In Your Homeschool - Made Easy!


As a former elementary music teacher I loved teaching children about great musical works.

When I began homeschooling I incorporated A LOT of music in our learning. As I blogged about that, however, it becamse apparent to me that a lot of parents don't feel qualified to teach their children about great music because they have little or no musical background.

I want to change that.

In January of this year it was put on my heart to write a music appreciation curriculum that was easy, affordable, and of high quality. 

By June I had the first volume complete: SQUILT Volume 1: Baroque Era

Today I'm happy to report that SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era is complete and I'm happy to share it with you!

Our children DESERVE to learn about great works of literature, art, and MUSIC. Quality music enriches their lives, souls, and overall existence.

Let me tell you about SQUILT - Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time.


The first step is listening to a piece of music - REALLY listening (for things like dynamics, tempo, rhythm, instrumentation and mood). And don't worry -  in each volume I provide you with printouts and detailed explanations of what each of those elements of music are.


After your child listens, the next step is to record their findings.

Each volume of SQUILT includes two different notebooking pages - one for children who like to write about the music, and another for younger listeners who might just be able to draw what they hear.

(It's not about complete sentences or correct spelling - we just want your children to LISTEN WITH CRITICAL EARS. The example above of Haydn's Surprise Symphony has spelling mistakes and my daughter likes to doodle while she listens. That's OK. She's learning about the music!)

I talk you through each element of music and what you can teach your children about that particular piece.

It's ALL THERE FOR YOU. I promise.



 Step 3 involves an enrichment activity. Whether it be learning more about the composer of the work, the particular instruments used, or a particular form of music, each lesson comes with a composer notebooking page and an enrichment activity. (Above you can see a lesson teaching all about the piano - this enrichment goes along with learning about a piano sonatina by Muzio Clementi.)

If you're wondering about WHERE to get the music, each volume includes YouTube links. Of course, you are also free to find the music on your own - but again, I want this to involve as little work as possible for the busy homeschool parent.

The SQUILT Curriculum is free standing - the only supplies you need are an internet connection, basic school supplies, and about 30 minutes of your time each week.



For the next five days (9/9-9/13) I will be offering Volume 2 for the low introductory price of $6.99.

That means you are paying just $.69/lesson - or just a little over $2/month for your music appreciation curriculum.

After this introductory period, the price will be $8.99 (still a good deal!). 

To see detailed samples, and table of contents, please visit the SQUILT website

You can also connect with other SQUILT users in our Facebook community. I often post more supplemental links and fun findings there. 

It is my prayer that you and your children will gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for GREAT music through the SQUILT curriculum.