Ephesians 6 Printables & Copywork

I love how God works. If we are only STILL and LISTEN, there are so many instances when God is orchestrating events in our life for HIS glory.

We hadn't been working too much on the Classical Conversations scripture memory work for this cycle. (Ephesians 6). It just seemed that we were overwhelmed with so many other things to memorize.

A couple of weeks ago I was convicted to really hit this hard with my kids, so we began memorizing each morning at breakfast. I wanted us to be up to speed when our community starts again this week.

This is where God had already stepped in.




Recently I have felt spiritually attacked on all sides, and this passage - Ephesians 6 - has been a comfort and inspiration to me. 

We have also been using this YouTube video to help us memorize. It's a HUGE help:

Please enjoy this download - it is the King James Version (what we use in CC). I have included printable posters, as well as print and cursive copywork for the entire chapter. 

Let's hide that scripture in our children's hearts - and our own! 

Click the following links to be directed to your FREE download! 

Download Ephesians 6 - Print Copywork

Download Ephesians 6 - Cursive Copywork