Homeschool Moms: Sometimes We Need To Ask For Help!

 Thank goodness we are officially on a one week fall break from Classical Conversations! The timing of this break is perfect, because we NEED IT!  We haven't cracked a book this week, and that's OK.

(I need to write a post about why I appreciate the SIMPLICITY of CC - because that has been a HUGE blessing to me this year!)

If you've been following along this week, I told you I've been taking things one day, one prayer at a time. I'm so thankful for this space to write and share my thoughts -- it's therapy of sorts. 

Our lives were thrown into a frenzy last week when both my father and father-in-law were admitted to the hospital. On the same day my husband's father went in, my husband was extended a chance of a lifetime job offer. Emotions have been mixed this week to say the least.

To keep a long story short, my husband accepted the job. He is leaving his employer of 18 years (a nonprofit financial agency) to jump into the consulting world. I'm so very pleased and excited for him. This means a lot of changes for our family (daddy working from home and also some travel), but we feel confident this is the direction God is moving us right now.

Both of our dads have been transferred to rehab facilities. Friends, this has been very hard on me. I am tender-hearted, and the thought of these two men fighting to recover has brought me to my knees several times this week. But, I know life is full of seasons and we must work diligently through all of them to give God glory. 

Help & Blessings

Tuesday (our Classical Conversations day), I was at a low point. I tend to get migraines when I am under stress, and one hit me in full force Tuesday morning. I made it through lunch, but then I needed to come home and rest. A sweet friend transported Anna for me so she didn't miss Challenge, and Grant and I could just go home and lay low.

While at CC that morning, several friends checked on me - one gave me her PastTense doTerra roll on to help with stress, and two other friends offered to take Anna and Grant the following day. Still another friend brought Anna a sweet little gift and note of encouragement.  Our community director prayed for our family. I felt covered in care and concern that day. 

What I learned on Tuesday was that I need to ask for HELP. Sometimes another person helping me blesses THEM. Does that make sense?  

Homeschool moms are by nature self sufficient and don't complain much - but it is important to share our burdens and let others lighten our loads. I know one day I will be able to repay those favors, but for right now it just felt so good to have HELP. 

That evening I began to feel better. We all went to bed and Grant was up around 1 a.m. coughing and coughing. This woke my husband, and he couldn't go back to sleep.

He went downstairs and read Ecclesiastes. He left the children and me encouraging notes on the kitchen table and headed to work very early that day. When I awoke (feeling so much better), I found those notes from my husband. I cannot tell you what a blessing my husband is to our family. He has not waivered through difficult decisions and MANY obligations this week. 

That morning, I too got up and read Ecclesiastes in its entirety. I had forgotten what a beautiful book it is. My migraine was completely gone, and it was a beautiful day outside. 

Anna and Grant went to friends' houses for the entire day and I caught up on things at home (see Grant's room in the collage above? I deep cleaned that little LEGO and Rubber Band hoarder's room!). My husband and I actually enjoyed a quiet dinner together that night and we had a bit of sanity in an otherwise crazy week.

The Classical Conversation

Last week two sweet girls in our community asked me if they could interview me for their newspaper. It was the cutest thing - they sat and asked me about the blog, what I wrote about, and a few other questions.

This week they brough me a copy of their paper, The Classical Conversation, and it was EXCELLENT! These two 7 year olds really did a great job!

This little gift was a bright spot in my week.


As I sat outside the hospital one morning in my car, I suddenly noticed some of our leaves are changing. Maybe I missed it, or maybe it just snuck up on me, but it was so beautiful.

Our lives are like the seasons, and right now my family is going through a season of change. I am confident God will sustain us in whatever changes come our way, and I'm thankful fall is here and we can enjoy God's beauty all around us. 

My kiddos are troopers. They have exercised a lot of patience this week, and I'm sure they have been worried about their grandpas, too.

My husband's father always used to pick my kids up for haircuts. They go to an old-timey barbershop in our town. This was their sweet tradition. Grandaddy (at the age of 81) picks them up for haircuts and sometimes a milkshake afterwards.

Thursday I took my kids to get their haircuts. I had never been before - because my father-in-law always does this with them. 

Life is full of changes, and I'm praying for the grace and strength to accept whatever changes come my way in the coming weeks and months.

Have you ever gone through a season of change? Do you find it hard to ask for help when you need it most?

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