History Notebook Part 2: CC Cycle 3 Weeks 13-24


As we near the end of our first 12 weeks of Cycle 3, I am still KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

The memory work is enough.

Make sure the grammar pieces are being memorized and provide a few low stress ways for my child to expand upon the memory work if we have time.  That's my plan and I LOVE IT!


Read TONS of good books. No matter what, we MUST read (or listen to on audio) books! 

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Earlier this year I worked on my YouTube channel.  Please take a minute to subscribe to the channel, and check out the Classical Conversations Organization play list. Watch the following video to learn all about our history notebook organization. 




  • 3 ring notebook, with lots of page protectors
  • History Highlights (on CC Connected) from user SchoolCorner - a brief synopsis of each week's history memory work. 
  • Reading List - suggested books to correlate with each week (please note: these are books in my library that we have read in past years... I am sure there are more extensive lists out there, but this is my personal short list for weeks 13-24

Download the reading list for weeks 13-24/Cycle 3


  • Notebooking Pages - Using my treasury membership to Notebooking Pages, I have gone through each week and printed corresponding notebooking pages. I used the search function in Notebooking Pages and found a page for nearly every week of the memory work. The few weeks that did not have a notebooking page, I simply printed blank notebooking pages (which are also in the treasury). I love the creativity and flexibility notebooking nurtures in my children! 

 This is just a sample of one of the pages my son has created. He loves this scrapbook of the history memory work - and I love the physical record I have of his learning!  


In addition to my Foundations guide, we will just use a few resources to supplement the history memory work.

  • Classical Acts & Facts History Cards - There is no substitute for these beautiful cards from Classical Conversations. I keep mine in a small 3 ring binder, with each card in its own sheet protector. This is quite an investment, but well worth it in my opinion. 
  • Kingfisher History Encyclopedia - I want my child to learn how to research on his own. This encyclopedia is full of accurate, beautifully presented information.
  • Good Books!  (See the downloadable list above)
  • Liberty's Kids - an engaging set of history videos from PBS kids. Let's face it: sometimes we just need to know our children are learning and putting in a DVD gives us a break! We've also found that the information in these episodes STICKS!  
  • America: The Story of Us - a more sophisticated set of videos that is great for older children and parents... you can order the DVD set or watch on Amazon Prime. 


I would love to know how you approach the history memory work. I enjoy that it is so flexible! In addition to memorizing the sentence we can go off on whatever tangent we choose for that week... or NOT!  


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