SQUILT Christmas Carols & Birthday Sale


I'm pleased to offer SQUILT Christmas Carols

During this miraculous season of our Savior's birth, it is imperative to expose our children to Christmas Carols. We can listen to the carols, analyze them, learn about their origins, and sing them. What a beautiful activity to share with our children! 

It has been impressed upon my heart that our children need quiet times to listen to beautiful music (in this case, carols); they also need to be given the time and space to analyze and learn about that same music. Not only does it build the habit of attention, but it also builds musical knowledge and appreciation. 

Enter Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time

At the core of any Super Quiet UnIntterupted Listening Time lesson is a quality piece of music. Children are asked to listen to that piece and be "super quiet". After the initial listening they are asked to listen again, this time recording their observations about the essential elements of music, Dynamics, Rhythm & Tempo, Instrumentation, and Mood on the SQUILT notebooking page


After a child completes this first part of a SQUILT lesson, then they are given other examples of that music... performances by different artists or ways the music has been used in our lives now. 

Finally, supplemental activites are given - whether they be copywork, alphabetizing activities, word searches, or learning more about a particular instrument. 

Each lesson is DIFFERENT and ENGAGING. 

The best thing? These lessons require NO PREPARATION from the parent! I have included everything you will need. All you provide are basic school supplies, and internet connection, and listening ears!  

My children love SQUILT, and I hope yours will, too! 

(Plus, I have been doing these lessons for years - first in my elementary music classrooms, and now with my own children. I have an undergraduate degree in Music Education, so each lesson is musically accurate.)

Please preview the table of contents for SQUILT Christmas Carols:


I also have samples and more information on the SQUILT website.  


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Happy Birthday To Me -- AND..... Happy SQUILT-ing To You!