A Birthday, Building, Concerts & Christmas



It had been a wonderful day. 

My beautiful boy turned ten. (How did THAT happen?)

We started the day with a pancake breakfast, followed by presents, playing, lunch with a great buddy, and then spending the afternoon with said buddy! 

Grant and I were driving home to cap off the evening with roasting hot dogs by the fire pit and birthday cake, the sun had just set. It was that very peaceful time of day - my favorite time of day, actually.

While waiting at a red light, I looked up to the country church in front of me and saw one simple lit cross. We had seen many beautiful Christmas light displays on our drive home that night, but this cross was PERFECT. Grant said, "Mom, look at that cross. Take a picture so you can show dad. Isn't it beautiful?"

Wow - I love my little boy. And he was right... that one simple cross was beautiful. It reminded me that there is just ONE SIMPLE THING that matters this time of year, and that is the birth of Jesus. I'm thankful we have had time to celebrate Advent, time to be still, time to worship, and time to ANTICIPATE Christ's birth.

I'm counting my blessings in today's Collage Friday - because there are so many and I'm very thankful!

A Big Birthday

Grant turned TEN years old. 

It's hard to believe that ten years ago I was delivering a little boy (6 weeks early). What a difference a decade can make! 

As we sat waiting for basketball practice to start one night, I snapped this picture of him and he just looked so BIG. I was full of pride, but sad at the same time. My little boy isn't so little, and I am training him to be a young man. 

We celebrated his special day with birthday pancakes, presents, roasting hot dogs over the fire pit, and birthday cake. It was all Grant's special request and it was much fun!


This boy LOVES to build. For his birthday he received LEGOS (surprised?) and K'Nex.

The K'Nex Education Intro to Structures: Bridges was a HUGE hit with Grant. He's build three different types of bridges, but I really liked the Suspension Bridge you see in the collage. 

We also have a renewed interested in LEGO® Creator 3 in 1 sets, as well. This Creator Treehouse has so many neat features. It was built within an hour of opening the present! 

This week Grant has a spent a lot of time building bridges and LEGOS!

Children's Choral Concert

Last weekend was Anna's big concert weekend. She had a concert Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It is exhausting for her, but SO worth it. 

The level of musicianship attained by this group of children is astounding, and we are thankful Anna is a member of such a lovely group. 

{Care to listen?  Here is a recording of Mary's Carol}

After Anna's Saturday night concert we went out to dinner. When I came home I didn't feel particularly well and went directly to bed.

Sadly, the stomach flu hit me in the middle of the night and I had to miss her Sunday concert. Additionally, my husband was flying out of town on business on Sunday and I had NO WAY to get Anna to her concert (which is an hour away). A very sweet friend of mine offered to take Anna for me -- I am so thankful for my friend, Cheryl

There's another blessing to count: friends. 


Our week was full of celebrations, music, learning, and joy -- despite mom being sick a couple of days! It's a great way to leave 2014 here on the blog, that's for sure!  

I pray each of you have a wonderful Christmas, and I'll see you in 2015!!


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