100 Resources for The Classical Homeschool


100 Resources for the Classical Homeschool

Welcome to 100 Resources for the Classical Homeschool.

This list will provide you with everything from the very basic definition of Classical Education, to books for the Classical Homeschooler, Read Alouds, Blogs, Curriculum, and MORE!

It is a comprehensive resource designed to give you an IN DEPTH look at Classical Education and the myriad of resources available to you as a homeschooling parent.

Educating my children in the Classical tradition has been a tremendous blessing. Not only am I confident my children are receiving a quality education, but I am also being educated as well. It's a FAMILY lifestyle of learning!

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What is Classical Education? Get Thinking!

1. What is Classical Education? from the Circe Institute

2. What is Classical Education? from Memoria Press

3. Definition for Classical Education from Trivium Pursuit

4. Introduction to Classical Education from Classical Christian Homeschooling

5. Classical Homeschooling: Reviews & Questions from The Curriculum Choice

6. Classical Homeschooling: Free Online Magazine

7. What is Classical Education? from The Well Trained Mind

8. Classical Education Made Much Easier - from Practical Homeschooling

9. What is Classical Education? from Classical Conversations

10. What if Everyone Had a Classical Education? - a wonderful Tedx Talk



Books for the Classical Homeschool 

When our family first began homeschooling there were several books I read that "sold" us on the Classical method. We read and reread this books, because each time we visit them we learn something new.

Resource Books for the Classical Homeschool


11. The Well Trained Mind

12. Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child

13. The Core: Teaching Your Child The Foundations of Classical Education

14. The Case for Classical Christian Education

15. Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child

16. Teaching the Trivium: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style

17. The Lost Tools of Learning  -- a MUST READ Essay by Dorothy Sayers

18. Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning: An Approach to Distinctively Christian Education

19. Classical Christian Education Made Approachable

20. The Latin-Centered Curriculum: A Home Educator's Guide to a Classical Education


 Curriculum for the Classical Homeschool

Curriculum for the Classical Homeschool

*There are many quality curriculums and resources for a Classical Homeschool. This post is not an official endorsement of any specific curriculum. We do educate our children in a Classical Conversations community, but I am in no way employed or compensated by Classical Conversations through my blog. 

21. Classical Conversations

22. Veritas Press

23. Easy Classical

24. Memoria Press

25. Royal Fireworks Press

26. Tapestry of Grace

27. Peace Hill Press

28. Classical Academic Press

29. Saxon Math

30. Elemental Science


Read Alouds for the Classical Homeschool

Read alouds have been our favorite part of homeschooling. So many of our memories can be traced back to a wonderful book we have shared together. Below are 30 of our favorites.... but there are SO MANY more! 

Read Alouds for the Classical Homeschool

31. The Apple and the Arrow

32. The Black Stallion

33. The Reluctant Dragon

34. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

35. The Prince and the Pauper

36. A Wrinkle in Time

37. Black Beauty

38. The Book of Three

39. Oliver Twist

40. Little Women

41. Tales From Shakespeare

42. Where the Red Fern Grows

43. Across Five Aprils

44. The Secret Garden

45. The Cricket in Times Square

46. Mary Poppins

47. The Borrowers

48. The Indian in the Cupboard

49. The Saturdays

50. Winne the Pooh

51. Heidi

52. Peter Pan

53. Just So Stories

54. Call it Courage

55. Island of the Blue Dolphins

56. Treasure Island

57. The Trumpet of the Swan

58. Number the Stars

59. Oliver Twist

60. A Christmas Carol


Games for the Classical Homeschool

Playing games is essential for learning and FUN! Don't forget to incorporate a lot of games and laughter into your Classical homeschool. 

Games for the Classical Homeschool

61. Math Dice

62. No Stress Chess

63. Rummy Roots

64. Learning Wrap Ups

65. Mega Fun Card Game Math

66. Settlers of Catan

67.  Wishful Thinking

68. Scrabble  (for a challenge -- play using LATIN words!)

69. Race to the Colosseum

70. IQ Twist

Fine Arts for the Classical Homeschool

These resources will assist you with art and music in your homeschool. The fine arts are an ESSENTIAL part of a Classical education!

Fine Arts for the Classical Homeschool

71. SQUILT Music

72. Maestro Classics

73. Professor Carol - Discovering Music

74. Harmony Fine Arts

75. Artistic Pursuits


Blogs for the Classical Homeschool

What better way to learn about Classical homeschooling than from bloggers who are right there in the trenches with you? These are some of my favorite blogs that highlight Classical education.

Blogs for the Classical Homeschool

 76. The Classical Scholar

77. Living and Learning at Home

78. Simply Convivial

79. Ed Snapshots

80. Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

81. Amongst Lovely Things

82. Solagratia Mom

83. Blessed Learners

84. Homegrown Learners

85. After Thoughts

86. Life in Grace

87. Classically Homeschooling

88. Veritas Academy Blog

89. Mt. Hope Chronicles

90. Moms Teaching Olives

91. Milk and Cookies


Miscellaneous Resources

These resources didn't actually FIT into a category, but I wanted to include them!

92. Read Aloud Revival Podcast

93. 100 Great Books List

94. Hope is the Word -- great book lists!

95. The Circe Institute

96. The Harp & Laurel Wreath: Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum

97. 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music Ever

98. Practical Classics

99. Classical Christian Homeschool: Suggested Daily Schedule

100. Susan Wise Bauer videos on YouTube


I pray this resource has been helpful to you.

Do you have a favorite resource I haven't included?  Please leave it in the comments below and we will keep adding to the list! 


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