LEGO Minifig Valentine Writing Prompts and My Little Romeo

Valentine Minifig Free Writing Prompts
Valentine Minifig Free Writing Prompts

Can I tell you something funny?

I have a real lover boy on my hands. My nine year old son (and I have no clue where he gets this!) has quite a heart for the ladies.

At a large family Thanksiving gathering he piped up and told everyone who his "girlfriend" was.


One day a months ago (and I cannot say where as to protect the young lady's identity) he decided to just lean over and give his favorite girl a huge KISS. When I asked him WHY he did such a thing he responded, "I just think she is so cute and smart. I want to marry her." 

Awwww...... {but kinda stalker-ish at the same time}

If this kid were in public school he would most likely have been suspended, don't you think?

{sarcasm} That's just another reason I homeschool.

Needless to say, we have had conversations about how to treat a young lady, and to save our kisses for our moms and dads. Grant is learning to tame his inner Romeo, but I think Valentine's Day might just do him in. I'm hoping he keeps his kisser in check for the Valentine party we will be having. 


I know that God has given my son a huge heart; he's very loving and kind. I cannot tell you how many kisses and hugs I get in a day. I may just have a huge meltdown the day this all stops. 

On to the download....

In this download you will find one grammar rule and 10 writing prompts. Be sure to get a box of conversation hearts, because one of the prompts is a fun activity with candy!  


Download the LEGO Minifig Valentine's Day Writing Prompts

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