LEGO Valentine Ideas and Free Writing Prompts

We celebrate EVERY holiday with some type of LEGO activity.

If you are like me, however, you also like activities to have an educational value, too. 

It is well known that building LEGOS is good for our children's attention spans, for their ability to follow directions, and also for their creativity.

LEGOS can also be used to work on writing and grammar skills, too.

So, in my effort to come up with LEGO Valentine ideas, I've developed minifig writing prompts!

Awesome, right?  

LEGO Valentine Ideas and Free Writing Prompts

LEGO Valentine Ideas

Before the download, how about some other Valentine ideas with LEGOS?

How about some fun LEGO Valentine Building Activities?

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LEGO Valentine Gift Ideas

And of course, a great Valentine gift would be anything have to do with LEGOS, right?

(My favorite are the LEGO Candy Bricks!)

LEGO Bricks & More Valentines Cupid Dog 40201 Building KitLego 40236 Romantic Valentine Picnic 126 pcsLEGO RoseLEGO Valentine's Day Valentines Day Dinner Set #40120LEGO Seasonal Set #40085 Teddy BearWrecking Valentine's Day! (LEGO City: 8x8)LEGO Valentines Day Heart Box 40051LEGO Heart Book 40015 Valentines DayLEGO Creator Mini Figure Set #40029 Valentines Day Box BaggedLego Valentines Day Heart Mini Model Parts & Instructions KitLego Parts: Valentine Heart Necklace/Keychain Bundle Kit (2) Red Modified 3 x 2 Plates with Hole (1) Decorative Tile (2) 24LEGO VALENTINE LETTER SET 40016 41 Piece Exclusive LEGO Valentine SetLego Valentine Heart Necklace and Red Rose Bundle (2) Dark Red Modified 3 x 2 Plates (1) Black Velvet Drawstring Pouch (2) 24BrickCrafts Build-Your-Own LEGO Valentine HeartLEGO Classic Sand BaseplateLEGO Classic Green Baseplate SupplementJollylife Yellow Building Brick & Blue & Green Multi-size Minifigure Silicone Ice Tray Candy Mold Set (Blue/Green/Yellow, 1)LEGO Minifigure Ice Cube TrayLego Red Ice Cube Bricks TrayBUILDING Blox CANDY Blocks (1 pound bag)LEGO Furniture: Candy Machines


LEGO Minifig Valentine Writing Prompts


In this download you will find one grammar rule and 10 writing prompts. Be sure to get a box of conversation hearts, because one of the prompts is a fun activity with candy!  

I've found that kids REALLY love these!

You might want to declare Valentine's Day a LEGO day in your homeschool.... get out the LEGOS, writing prompts, minifigures, and just have a fun day. 

You'll win major mom points and create great memories, too! 

LEGO Minifig Valentine Writing Prompts