Dreams, History, and LEGOS - Collage Friday

 I've never written a Collage Friday post on a Wednesday. 

This week was SO busy that I just had to plan everything far ahead of time and quite carefully. When mom goes out of town there are certain things that must be done: laundry, school plans, plans for child care, etc...

You see, this week is the fulfillment of a dream for me. Last year at this time I was in the process of writing a music curriculum. I thought maybe I would sell a few volumes.  Mostly, I wanted to spread the joy of beautiful music to the homeschool community. The response to SQUILT has been more than I hoped for. It just proves to me that God can take a small vision and turn it into something wonderful. 

This weekend I am in Greenville, SC for the Great Homeschool Convention. My former college professor, Professor Carol, is carrying my SQUILT curriculum during this convention season! I will be working at her booth and selling my curriculum there, while  soaking up all I can in the Classical Consortium. 

I'm also hoping to LEARN a lot while I'm here - I wrote about that this week in Are You Qualified to Teach Your Own Child? 

I'm very thankful for an extremely supportive husband who is holding down the fort while I am away, and who consistently supports me and gives me time to grow and dream.

It's been a learning curve this past year. As any homeschool mom knows, homeschooling is a full time job. I have now added working on my business to my plate, which I love, but which also takes up huge amounts of time. My kids are at an age where this has all been easier. They are more independent and I can set aside "mom's working" time, which they understand. 

The early part of our week was busy and productive!

Classical Conversations

I am thankful for CC. It holds our weeks together and truly is the spine of our homeschool. 



  • We attended a Faces of History event put on by the Essentials class. I was so impressed with all of the writing and costumes.  I'm so excited for Grant to be in Essentails next year!
  • Supplementing the grammar memory work. Do you know what an APPOSITIVE is?
  • The CC Memory Work App is a lifesaver! I can tell Grant, "Go do your memory work!" and he scurries off with the iPod for 30 minutes to review all of the memory work so far. Golden!
  • Anna finished up Africa this week. Learning all of the African capitals is really quite a task. We played a review game with chocolate chips to make it more fun!


LEGO Learning

LEGOS were front and center this week!


  • Grant and his friend built a LEGO Titanic. That ship is massive. I love LEGOS because they help my guy develop his attention span.
  • Grant is taking a Brick Building and Architecture class online through Bridgeway Academy. He had to turn in assignments this week - math problems with LEGOS and also a blueprint with LEGOS. He is loving this weekly class. It's so cute to watch the kids interact online.
  • Free download on the blog this week - LEGO Pi Skyline.


Short and sweet this week -- check back next week for a convention recap!  


I'm thankful for the chance to come to this place each Friday and read so many encouraging words from all of you, and then visit your blogs and read about your weeks, too. It's my favorite time of the week. 

I hope you'll join me!  

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