Free SQUILT Download - Dvorak Serenade for Strings


It's time for another free SQUILT download. 

The Romantic Era was full of beautiful, lush music. As we listened to Romantic Music in Classical Conversations last week, I told the children it's "kissy kissy" music. This era was all about the expression of intense emotions. 

Many of the stories about the composers of this era are dramatic and exciting, too. Truth be told, this is probably my favorite time period of music.

Antonin Dvorak (pronounced "dvor-zhack"), born in 1841, was perhaps one of the most prominent composers of this era. 

This free SQUILT download leads you and your children through Dvorak's Serenade for Strings, the 4th movement. (If you are in CC, you will notice this is the piece discussed in week 22 of Cycle 2.). 

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The download includes full instructions, the SQUILT notebooking page, a supplemental activity, and Dvorak notebooking page.

Remember, SQUILT lessons make learning about beautiful music EASY! 

Simply download the lesson, follow the listening links included in the PDF, and learn about the music with your child. It's that easy.

I promise.


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This free download gives you a taste of what the curriculum is like. Each volume contains 10 lesson that are similar in form to this download. A volume walks your children through 10 represenative pieces from an era of music. Use it as a stand alone music appreciation curriculum or as a supplement to your history studies.  

The only supplies needed are basic school supplies and an internet connection.



Download Dvorak's Serenade for Strings SQUILT Lesson.

Are you teaching your children music appreciation?

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