It's Good to Be Bored - Collage Friday


Boredom leads to great creativity - boredom busters for kids

This was our scheduled spring break. Other than the kids having friends over on Monday and another scheduled get together with friends, we did NOTHING. 

(Well, I did sneak away for lunch with two different friends who mean a lot to me. It's nice to have one child who is old enough to hold down the fort now while I run off for an hour or two!)

One day we bought new sidewalk chalk and the kids decided to cover our entire driveway - which is pretty long - with drawings. It was heart warming to hear them laughing and talking together outside. It made me thankful for homeschool and the time it allows Anna and Grant to have together. 

Honduras Update

Dad arrived home from Honduras safe and sound last Saturday night, so it was back to work for him and I wanted to keep the schedule quiet and smooth as he dealt with "re-entry" into American culture. The stories he has been telling us have been inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. I am so happy he had this experience - as I predicted it opened his eyes and heart. 

I must admit, I breathed a sigh of relief when he sent me a text after the plane landed. It was just good to know he was home!  Grant was beyond excited - Anna was out to dinner with extended family for granddaddy's birthday, so she wasn't at the airport with us. 

The young medical missionary from our church, Christine, made such an impact on my husband. If you feel led, visit her site (Christine in Honduras) and check out the wonderful work that is being done at Loma de Luz in Honduras. It is truly inspiring and is causing us to wonder what else we can do to help. 

Yes, money is needed, but I really believe we need more people who are willing to share a large portion of their lives, time, and talents with others in order to further the kingdom of God and show mercy to those who are need of it the most. 

More Boredom Busters/Game Recommendations

Grant, in particular, never sits still. He's not a big reader, so he's always coming up with something to do.

One morning he pulled his Cars collection out of his closet and pulled out a few to sketch. (He's been participating in Sketch Tuesday and is loving it!)

When Grant had a friend over they spent quite a bit of time playing Diary of a Wimpy Kid Uno - just like regular Uno except with the Stinky Cheese Touch!

One night was also spent playing Monopoly. We put a time limit on the game, which inspires a different kind of play. Dad won (he always does!), but we won't stop trying to beat him!


10 Reader Recommended Family Games

FYI: On the blog FB page this week I asked people about their favorite  games.  Here's a few responses I received!

Cups, Cooking, Correspondence, and Coconuts!

1. Anna put these 6 plastic cups into the cart at Target. They were on a great sale and will be PERFECT for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!  Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap and washcloth and a child will be SET with hygiene items.

2. We are feeling so much better now that we have been Gluten free for nearly a month! I purchased America's Test Kitchen The How Can it Be Gluten Free Cookbook because I have heard such rave reviews about it! I can't wait to cook something from this book! 

3. One afternoon I sat down and wrote Compassion letters. We included pictures of our family and rubber band bracelets!

4. Dad's gift to Grant from Honduras - a coconut baseball player! It was the PERFECT gift!


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We are in the final two weeks of Foundations for Grant - and the home stretch of Challenge for Anna. In another month we will be wrapping up our homeschool for the year.  WHERE did the time go?

How was your week? 

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