Using Notebooking Pages with Classical Conversations

*Disclaimer: This post is targeted for Classical Conversations readers. The resource I am highlighting, however, is one we used LONG before we even knew what CC was.  Notebooking is just a great way to learn. So, read on - whether you are in CC or not! 


Is the Foundations memory work enough? 

I asked myself this question multiple times over the last year. In theory, yes - the memory work is enough. Classical Conversations provides 144 facts which children in the Foundations program memorize during each cycle.  That means if they participate in 3 cycles there will be 432 grammar facts memorized.

That is AMAZING! 

There were many weeks when we just focused on the memory work, and that was enough!

There were weeks, however, where we had more time and my son was showing a particular interest in an area of the memory work. During those times I alwasy turned to notebooking, and our favorite resource Notebooking Pages.

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(If you aren't familiar with Notebooking, check out this post - Getting Started With Notebooking.)

Quite simply, Notebooking Pages is an online collection of pages -- covering everything you could possibly imagine! You download the pages and print them out. It's THAT EASY. And now, with the Notebooking Publisher Web App, you can create your own notebooking pages, which allows for creativity and flexibility. 

We especially loved the history, science, and timeline pages. Whatever you choose to supplement, I guarantee you Notebooking Pages has sheets that will work for you, and when you are done your child has a beautiful scrapbook of their learning. 

It's so much fun to go through these notebooks - and what better way to keep your homeschool documentation?

Rather than use pictures and words in this post, Grant and I decided to make a video for you -- you will see his CC Memory Work Binder and also what a goof ball I have for a son.  (plus, he is capable of crossing one eye -- quite freaky -- check it out at the end of the video!)


*It is important to note that Classical Conversations is a beautiful STAND ALONE program.  It is not necessary to supplement the memory work in any way - we just choose to do so! 

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