Music Appreciation Made Easy - SQUILT release and flash sale!


Music Appreciation is an area that often gets overlooked. 

Parents feel they aren't equipped to teach their children about music because they aren't musical themselves.

I've created a program that makes music appreciation EASY.  Parents and children can learn alongside each other about the great composers and their works. Better still, the only supplies needed are an internet connection, basic school supplies, and a willingness to learn.

Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time volumes are eBooks - 100% internet linked - each consist of 10 lessons.  Volumes are divided into music eras (Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern) so they can correspond with the era of history you are studying.

The lesson format is very simple, and normally takes two sittings:


Using the internet link provided in the .pdf download, a child listens to a piece of music while being SUPER QUIET (the goal is to develop listening skills and attention). Parents have all of the information about the piece so they can learn about the piece and guide their child through the listening.

While the child is just listening, a parent can be reading about the piece, so they can better help their child in the next step of the process.


Write (or draw) about what you hear

During the second listening, children will fill in this simple SQUILT notebooking page - and don't worry, they've already been given some sheets earlier in the eBook to help them with this!  Plus, parents - you have the instructions for filling this out with each lesson.

Children are listening for these very specific 4 elements of music. It's amazing how good they get at this the more they use SQUILT


If you have younger children that aren't writing yet, or a reluctant writer, simply use this sheet instead:



The enrichment activities can be completed on another day.

Each lesson includes supplemental listening links, a notebooking page for the composer, and many times links to free printable books and activities. 

In this way you can expand upon SQUILT if your child is interested in that particular composer. 


As a homeschooling mom I know we like things EASY, we like them compact, and we like them flexible.

I encourage you to visit the SQUILT website to learn more, download samples, and purchase a volume.


The Sale

Volume 3: Romantic Era has just been completed. To celebrate its release, there is a 2 day flash sale on ALL SQUILT volumes. 

Normally, a volume is $9.99 - for the next two days the volumes will be discounted 25% - making each one $7.49.  To purchase, visit SQUILT Music and use the code SQUILT3 at checkout.

This is a GOOD DEAL for a semester's worth of music education.