On The Way to Cycle 3: Classical Conversations July Blog Carnival


Classical Conversations Blog Carnival: July 2014

So often we hear that expression associated with Classical Conversations (mainly with your first year in CC): "It's like drinking from a fire hose!"

That's how I've felt the past couple of months, trying to get a grip on all of the WONDERFUL blogs out there that offer so much valuable information about Classical Conversations. 

I am doing my best to bring you what I've found on my own, what bloggers have submitted to me, and what others have brought to my attention. 

This month it seems to be all about PLANNING for Cycle 3. People are gathering resources, selecting math programs, deciding how much to supplement, etc... 

It is important to remember in Foundations that THE MEMORY WORK IS ENOUGH.

Please don't be overwhelmed or feel you have to supplement every subject. That will lead to burnout and all other kinds of bad things. The memory work pieces are beautiful in and of themselves. Trust the process. Less is more. (You get the point.)

Simply reading to your children, practicing the memory work, and having a good math and reading program are ENOUGH.  Things will ramp up when they enter the Challenge years (ask me how I know!) -- there is PLENTY of time for rigor, I promise.

I also LOVE this quote from Leigh Bortins... I want this to be the backdrop of our school year!

“Families are designed to nurture the minds, wills, and emotions of its members so that the barriers created by fear of the unknown can be replaced by the confidence that comes from knowing you are loved whether you succeed or fail.”     ~ From The Core


All of the resources presented in this post are helpful, but the most helpful thing for your children is a loving family that instills confidence and love in all of its members.


Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood 

Brandy, the founder of the CC Blog Carnival, welcomed her fourth son into the world this month. Welcome baby Isaac! Brandy amazes me because she still provides resources for all of us within days of giving birth. Thank you, Brandy!



Homegrown Learners

Here at Homegrown Learners I've been focusing on planning for Foundations. Next I will tackle Essentials and Challenge B, but this past month I've been trying to get very organized so nothing will be left to chance once the whirlwind of the school year begins!

Mt. Hope Chronicles


And Here We Go!

Classical Conversations at Home



Running With Team Hogan 

A Stick and Sand


101 Days of Homeschooling



Homeschooling On a Dime


You may know Stacie from Motherhood on a Dime, and she has started a site, Homeschooling on a Dime. She is CC mama and has some great ideas.  

 Suzanne Shares


 Finally, I always love to read articles from the CC Writers' Circle for inspiration and knowledge: 

A huge thank you to all of those bloggers who submitted articles. The next carnival will be published on or around July 1. Please see the blog carnival page for more details! 

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