Our Homeschool Tradition - Back to School Pictures


Back to School Photo Tradition 

When we first started homeschooling someone asked me, "What will you do about school pictures?"

I actually worried about not having yearly "packaged" school pictures. It just goes to show how much we get caught up in worrying about things that are truly NOT OF IMPORTANCE.  

As is the case with most things, something better came along. I LOVE our school pictures now, and it has turned into a fun homeschool tradition in our house.

We take them the week before school starts. We go out for breakfast, and then we stop by our favorite brick wall to take back to school photos.

(Do you know how many plain brick walls there are if you only look for them?)

It's gotten to be a silly photo shoot, with lots of giggles (even from my teenager!).

Take your photos, doctor them up in PicMonkey, and enjoy.


My little boy - not so little anymore. 

He tells me he is going to live me with he gets married and give me hugs until he is 30 years old. 

Oh, I love him.

Back to School Brick Wall Photos

He gives me this face often, and I just have to laugh.

What a stinker.  

Back to School Brick Wall Photos



There is a teenager living in my house. 

It's an awesome thing to watch a child get to this point... strong in her opinions and so self sufficient.

I'm so proud of this young lady.

Back to School Brick Wall Photos

She left me a surprise on my phone after we had our picture session... a collage of selfies - which I just adore.

This smile, I believe, comes largely from homeschooling.

She was so beaten down when I took her out of public school in the third grade. Now, she is free to be herself and she smiles A LOT.

Documenting all of these precious years in a back to school photo tradition has been much fun. 

Do you take back to school pictures?

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