Free SQUILT Lesson: Theme From The Pink Panther


Music appreciation can be such FUN! 

When I was an elementary school music teacher I always tried to pull out the most fun elements in music to attract my youngest listeners! Eventually, after being trained to listen to beautiful music, children are perfectly capable of appreciating and analyzing music for themselves

As I've been writing lessons for SQUILT Volume 4: Modern Era, the music of Henry Mancini has obviously been in the front of my mind. Mancini's music for films is among some of the most loved of all time. In learning about the Modern Era we can't leave out music by Mancini.

One piece that is particularly appealing to children is the Theme from The Pink Panther. 



Please enjoy this FREE SQUILT download. It includes all of the listening links, notebooking pages, and supplemental activities you will need. 


Download The Pink Panther SQUILT Lesson


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