Humility and Homeschooling


Sometimes I tackle topics that get me into trouble. 

This could be one of them.


 "a modest or low view of one's importance"

I think it is particularly easy for homeschooling moms to place a high value on their importance, don't you? 

It is also easy for homeschooling moms to fall into the trap of BRAGGING about their children's accomplishments - which really translates back to pats on the back for mom.

I've contemplated my words here carefully.

I posted a Facebook status to test the waters on this subject and I got some VERY interesting responses. I also had one mom write to me who told me she has a friend who no longer reads my blog because she feels I brag too much.


It is never my intent to BRAG, but encourage. That comment gave me great pause, and I want to evaluate each and every word, picture, and post carefully from now on. I have MANY struggles, and I hope I share those honestly with you - while also protecting my children's privacy.

It's hard to be a blogger - everything you share is open for public consumption (and criticism). Believe me, I wouldn't continue to write if I didn't feel it was my calling to encourage and equip others to homeschool.  


Let's get back, however, to the topic at hand: HUMILITY. 

Recently, I have been observing many homeschooling moms flat out BRAGGING about their children's accomplishments. (I'm sure it goes on in the traditional school world, too - but I am more attuned to the homeschool world.)

I've seen moms bragging about:

  • awards their children have won
  • children taking difficult tests (SAT, etc...) at a young age
  • children dual enrolling at a young age
  • early readers
  • math genius

The list goes on and on.

{I have to admit that I've had to distance myself from a few braggers, and I've also been reading a wonderful book to help me deal with people who could almost drive me crazy!}

The Problem With Bragging

Don't you think most people tend to brag about their homeschooler because they want to PROVE to others that homeschooling works? They want to prove the doubters WRONG. 

I admit I have fallen into this trap - and I hope I have learned my lesson.

As homeschoolers we are met with a certain amount of scrutiny, and by "sharing" our children's accomplishments we lend credence to what we do.

Makes sense, right?


When we brag about our homeschooler we not only appear to be seeking approval for OURSELVES, but we also appear (to be quite blunt) obnoxious. 

"God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble."

~James 4:6

The older I get, the more I am learning that there is much grace in being humble, just likes this verse from James states. 

When we toot our own (or our children's) horn, there is a very high standard we must live up to -- and it also makes us appear unapproachable to others.  And, to be quite honest, it makes us seem attention seeking and desperate. 

You and I both know that homeschooling is a WONDERFUL lifestyle that has so many academic, spiritual, and social benefits. Why in the world would we want to put people off by excessive bragging?  

Think before you post that FB status that might sound like you are bragging.

Think before you start dominating a conversation with talk of YOUR child's accomplishments.

Think before you start bragging! 

Humble Homeschoolers Learn More

If we are truly humble, and put others above ourselves, we will actually learn MORE. 

I used to be a person who "knew it all". I hated to admit I didn't know something and I can see now how much that harmed me - how much it impacted my learning.

When we humble ourselves and admit that others know more than we do we open ourselves up for SO MUCH MORE!  

When we simply LISTEN, rather than BRAG, we can gain so many valuable insights.

"For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned." ~ Romans 12:3

I'm still striving to listen more than I speak, and I constantly strive to not think so highly of myself.

If we are truly seeking wisdom and knowledge, then we will keep our mouths SHUT and our ears OPEN so we can gain that wisdom and knowledge!

 Homeschooling Ambassadors

I feel led to be a homeschool ambassador.

That makes me think about the face I give homeschooling. I need to measure my words and actions carefully.

Do I homeschool so I can brag about my children's achievements and how great we are?

OR, do I homeschool because it gives my children a breadth of emotional and intellectual development I don't feel they could gain in a traditional school environment?  

If we truly want to change our world through our children's generation, don't we want to do everything we can to further the cause of homeschooling, and not cause people to run screaming in the other direction? 

Humble homeschoolers are the best homeschool ambassadors! 



As always, this post is a little pep talk for myself. 

I need to remember to be HUMBLE - to place others above myself, and to remember that I don't need to brag about my children. 

I also need to remember the gift of GRACE that has been so freely given to me - and to extend that grace to others. 


Life is hard and we face so many challenges, but I am so thankful for the chance to get up each morning and have a fresh start to get it all right one more time. 


Let's get a discussion going. I learn so much from readers, and we learn so much from each other in our discussions here, and also in the Homegrown Learners Facebook community. 

What do you think about humility and homeschooling?

Have you encountered an excessive bragger?

Do you struggle with these issues? 

Let me know!  

*Please keep comments kind, respectful, and thought-provoking.