Classical Astronomy in the Homeschool

Sometimes it is daunting to think about how we are going to teach our children everything they need to know when we ourselves (the parents) can't possibly know it all! 

History. Music. Literature.   I have those covered. I am familiar with those and feel comfortable with them.

Math. Science. Art.  Not so much. 

This is when it is my job as a homeschool mom to be chief researcher and find resources that can help my children learn subjects that aren't my forte. 

I consider it a victory when I find a quality resource that my kids LOVE and learn from. That happened this year in science, and I want to share that resource with you today.

Experience Astronomy has been such a great class for my son - he has learned all about Classical Astronomy in a simple, online class. This has been coupled with field observations and readings. I'm blown away by the amount of knowledge he has gained about God's vast creation.

The added bonus is that he does this class INDEPENDENTLY on me, which is good for both of us! 


*I have not been compensated for this review. I'm sharing it with you because we love this course and want to help others do the same. Affiliate links are included in this post.

About Experience Astronomy

(This is our experience with the Upper Level of Experience Astronomy - there is also an Elementary Level  (oh how I wish this had been around a few years ago!) and an Advanced Level where your child can receive high school credit!)

  • Each week a video lesson is made available to the student on Sunday evening for the coming week - these lessons are 20-30 minutes long and very engaging. Luke Gilkerson teaches astronomy from a Biblical worldview. My son logs into his account and watches the video.


  • Each time Grant completes a video lesson he takes a comprehension quiz that is automatically graded. That score is then emailed to me (I haven't told him about this feature!)... I like that I can keep track of his progress in a sneaky way (wink).

  • Each week there is also a Field Guide and Reading assignment. Students are encouraged to go outside in the evenings to observe the night sky and record their observations - and it's ok if you don't have time or the weather is bad - online tools are provided just in case. (Our entire family has enjoyed many of the observations together)

  • The textbook for the course, Signs & Seasons, is a Biblically based astronomy text and quite interesting. Many times my son and I read this aloud together, but he also did it other times on his own.

6 Reasons We Love Experience Astronomy

1.  Astronomy is presented from a Biblical worldview - this is HUGE for us!

2.  The course can be done independently (I sat with my son for the first few classes and then let him do it on his own) and builds confidence.

3.  Luke Gilkerson is HIGHLY engaging and kept my son's attention during the recorded sessions. 

4. The Field Guide makes this so much more than an "online class" - observations and drawing at night enhanced the experience. My son is now extremely familiar with the night sky!

5. If you JUST want to do the online lessons and quizzes that is fine --- you might just have time for that much. Remember, YOU are the teacher.  This is a flexible course!

6. There is an option for ALL ages - literally!    

It’s been a good experience for both of my children to take in person classes, online classes, and self-directed classes. I’d love to know if your children take advantage of these different opportunities, too. Tell me about it in the comments!