Collage Friday from FPEA

Collage Friday

I'm writing to you from Orlando, FL and the Florida Parent Educators' Association Conference

(If you every want to choose a conference to attend, this one might be it -- if for no other reason than the GORGEOUS venue, the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center!) 

It's been very exciting for me because I am giving a workshop on behalf of LEGO® Education - a workshop about their StoryStarter curriculum. 


*** For detailed LEGO® Education curriculum reviews visit the LEGO Learning page. ***

As you can see from the collage this is a beautiful place, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn and grow while I am here. There are homeschoolers running around everywhere and the exhibit hall might just bankrupt me - ha! 

After this convention I hop in a car and drive a few hours south to spend a couple of days with my mom and dad. I'm so looking forward to being with them, because this year has been full of major health challenges for them. 

Not much has gone on in our week other than preparing for this trip and also speaking for an afternoon session of our local Classical Conversations' Practicum (which I will post about soon, because it was a great time to see our young people shine). 

Collage Friday from FPEA 2015

Collage Friday Summer Break

Collage Friday will be going on a summer hiatus. I love this community and posting each Friday, but I need a break -- and truthfully our summer activities won't be all that exciting. 

My husband has some traveling this summer and we may tag along with him. My daughter has a week of camp and a week of a mission trip.  Grant will be keeping busy with baseball and drama activities. 

It's all GOOD.  We are blessed and I am thankful. 

The next edition of Collage Friday will be August 21, 2015!   Happy Summer!

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