Cooking With Kids: Easy Freezer Meals

My kids help a lot in the kitchen.

I like to consider it part of our "life skills" curriculum. 

Cooking with kids is such a perfect way to have my children learn alongside me.

Cooking with kids gives me the opportunity to teach them a variety of skills that go well beyond the task of cooking such as planning, mathematics, and it also develops healthy eating habits.

Take cooking with kids to the next level by teaching them how to prepare easy freezer meals! We often are making meals for people in need, and I quickly discovered it was easiest to find a great freezer recipe and cook for two families - that way my load was lightened, too!

 By throwing in easy freezer meals, we can plan and prepare some delicious meals for friends, for our busy week, or even the entire month!

Cooking with Kids: Easy Freezer Meals

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Shopping For Easy Freezer Meals

I like to stay organized by using Plan to Eat - we've been using this tool for five years now.

Plan to Eat allows me to save and store my favorite recipes online, share recipes with friends, and it also allows me to create shopping lists based on my menus. 

Honestly, Plan to Eat has been the best $5 I spend each month! 

Easy Freezer Meals

  • Ravioli Casserole: I don't think meal prep could get much easier than this recipe. A real crowd pleaser with a few simple ingredients. (try this one with beef or cheese ravioli - they are both good!)
  • Italian Chicken Roll-Ups: This is a great recipe to use for introducing kids on how to cook with raw meat. Not only is it an easy recipe to follow, it calls for thin chicken, which means kids will be able to flatten the chicken. Something that has always been a blast for kiddos. 
  • Black Bean Taco Soup: Give Taco Tuesday a new spin with this hearty soup recipe. Make a little extra for a few easy lunch meals throughout the week!
  • The Easiest Baked Mac & Cheese: You can't go wrong with kids and mac and cheese! I like this recipe because there are a few surprising ingredients that will allow you to add a little more nutritional value to the meal. This is also a great habit to pass down to your kids. 
  • Orange Glazed Pork Chops: No more over cooked pork chops! This recipe shares a fool proof way to get moist chops every time. 
  • Sausage-Egg Rollups: These guys will come in handy on those busy mornings. Not only are they quick and easy to grab and go, they are also a great alternative to sugary cereals first thing in the morning. 
  • Simple Meat Loaf Recipe: (My kids' FAVORITE meal!) With just a few ingredients, you can have a wholesome and warm meal. Double, or even triple, the recipe to really stock up your freezer. 
  • Slow Cooker French Dip: French Dip sandwiches are a favorite go to meal in my home. Warm, simple, and delicious. Thanks to this recipe, you can now freeze it for later! 
  • Orange Apricot Slow Cooker Pork Chops: Using a slow cooker is a great skill to teach kids. I especially like it because it takes the danger out of using an oven and the stovetop. It also gives kids the ability to prepare a meal without any help from their parents. This recipe is great because the end result is beyond delicious. It is also gluten and dairy free. 
  • Buttered Maple French Toast Casserole: Another family favorite! French toast is a great way to feed several people without the hassle. Add a fresh fruit salad (you can freeze those too) for a well balanced meal. 
Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Cooking with kids by introducing them to freezer meals is an idea that will help you manage your meal planning and prep time.

When you teach your kids to prepare these recipes, double them, and freeze the extra servings for an easy to make meal. You have the convenience of an easy and nutritious meal all while teaching your kids the valuable skills of cooking. 

Do you have any freezer recipes you'd like to share?  Let me know if the comments below?

Cooking With Kids: Easy Freezer Meals