Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

I am NOT a craft mom. I have other gifts, but coming up with fun and meaningful crafts for my children isn't one of them!

In fact, as I look back on our years of homeschooling, I wish I would have just found more simple crafts for my kids and presented them with the opportunity to CREATE on a regular basis.

So, I decided to seek out a few easy spring crafts for kids - so that YOU can give your children that opportunity! 

(Have you seen my Lenten Cross Craft?  So easy!)

There are so many craft ideas on the internet that require parents to be involved with the creation process. To help you find some simple crafts that kids can create with little to no help from their parents, I have put together this SIMPLE list.  (Remember, less is more!)

All of these crafts allow kids to get in touch with the coming of spring all while making their own creations. 

Your children will create unique crafts they are proud of - and maybe even think you're that CRAFT MOM, who knows?? 

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Nature Suncatcher Wind Chimes: Crafts that spruce up your outdoor space are a great way to get kids in touch with nature. This simple spring craft requires little supplies as well as allowing kids to get hands on with all of those spring flowers. 

Garden Rock Caterpillar: By using rocks as a media source for crafts we are teaching our kids that when you create art, there is no need to have a certain art supply on hand. All you need is a little creativity to use what is around you. 

Paper Plate Birds: What an adorable way to get kids to learn about birds while using paper plates. You could easily pair this craft with a bird guide book such as Birds, Nests, & Eggs to help kids identify the birds that fly outside of their window. 

The Four Seasons Spring Craft: This craft is another great way to get kids connected with the outdoors. Supplies include gathering leaves, sticks, and blossoms from a spring tree. It is also a great way to bring some of those beautiful spring colors indoors. 

Egg Carton Flowers: Recycle those used egg cartons and turn them into colorful spring flowers. This would be a great craft for younger kids. 

Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft: Here is another way to recycle. Use toilet papers and turn them into buzzing bees! You can also pair this craft with a book about bees. Like this book, Amazing Pictures and Facts About Honeybees



Cupcake Liner Butterfly: With a popsicle stick and cupcake liners kids can make some colorful butterflies with very minimal prep work. Take the project a step further and read the book, Explore My World Butterflies

Easy Origami Tulip Craft: All it takes are a few folds and you will have colorful origami tulips to decorate your home. This would be a great to display on a cork board or even a message center. 

Rain Sticks: Kids can make their very own rain sticks by using buttons, rice, and other small objects. This would make a great craft for a rainy spring day. You can always add a weather related book to this craft such as The Everything KIDS' Weather Book




By incorporating a book that matches the theme of your spring craft you are opening up an opportunity for kids to learn more while having fun.

Pairing crafts with books is a great way to catch their attention which only leads to a child who is enthusiastic about learning. 

Easy Spring Crafts for Kids

Are you a "Craft Mom"?  

Leave me a comment below and let me know!