Historical Fiction for Teen Girls

It is DIFFICULT to find quality literature for teen girls.

Go to any "Young Adult" section in the bookstore or library and you wade through a sea of JUNK to maybe come up with a few quality books.

In 5 Ways to Raise Readers I mentioned the importance of encouraging your children's interests through reading.  Well... history is of great interest to my teen daughter.

So often I will find a book, read the description to my daughter, and she will say: "Mom - add that to our list!"

We decided to turn this list into a resource that will hopefully help many teen girls find GOOD books to read! 

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*Special thanks goes out to the Homegrown Learners' Facebook community. I put the call out for historical fiction suggestions and they were more than happy to help! This list is a compilation of reader suggestions and books from our own shelves here at home. This list is by no means exhaustive, just a compilation of what we have read and recommendations.... feel free to leave me YOUR favorites in the comments at the end of the post! 

Historical Fiction Series for Teen Girls


Best Historical Fiction for Teen Girls

Talk to me about historical fiction for your teen girls.  Do you have any recommendations?

Leave them in the comments below!