Homeschool Made Simple: A Resource to Inspire & Equip

Homeschool Made Simple: A Resource to Inspire & Equip Homeschoolers

Moms, are you ensuring YOUR education is continuing, too?  Are you spending time to make yourself a better teacher and parent? 

Continuing education for the homeschooling mom is VERY important.

Learning about homeschooling isn't just for the new homeschooler. As parents, we should always seek out the best resources to enrich our hearts and minds. 

Recently I have stumbled upon a GEM of a resource - Homeschool Made Simple, from Compass Classroom.

Oh how I wish this DVD series had been around when I first started homeschooling - it would have given me such simple direction and guidance, and a huge dose of INSPIRATION, along with practical ideas for our homeschool.

 (I'm just thankful I found it now, because I'm gaining so much from these videos.)


*This post contains affiliate links. The opinions in this post are ENTIRELY my own. I received compensation for this review, but am not obligated to post a positive review. What a pleasant surprise the review of this product has been! 


About Homeschool Made Simple

Homeschool Made Simple is a set of seven videos, designed to encourage and equip homeschooling families.

It is for the NEW homeschooler. It is for the VETERAN homeschooler.

The hostess of these videos is Carole Joy Seid - a veteran homeschooler, educator, and workshop presenter.

From Compass Classroom:

"We are pleased to introduce a new series designed especially for homeschool parents. Carole Joy Seid has over 30 years experience teaching thousands of moms and dads a literature-based approach to homeschooling. Her heartfelt desire is to make homeschooling simple, enjoyable and affordable. This is the first time she has put her material onto video: we think you’ll love it."

Whatever homeschool method you subscribe to, Carole's videos will resonate with you and inspire you. They are full of practical tips, wisdom, and just GOODNESS.

Topics include:

  • Children and Reading

  • Choosing Books

  • Building Character in Children

  • Math, Writing, Science, Art & Music

  • Bible, Creativity, & a Typical Day

  • Children & Media

  • Teaching History & Literature

Why I Recommend Homeschool Made Simple

In a world of information overload (especially online!), it's been so nice to come across a resource that is peaceful, concise, and well done.

Each video is pleasantly done by Carole, as if we are sitting in her living room with her. She speaks quite plainly to us (many times using personal stories) about her recommendations for books, authors, structuring your days, character training, children & media, and MUCH more. 

Carole is FIRM in her beliefs and I felt very comfortable in her knowledge and wisdom. 

(I especially love that Carole tells us children and media is the hill she will die on -- it is the make or break in our homeschool, and I feel the same way!) 

The videos are each approximately 30 minutes, so they can be watched while you are folding laundry, during your morning quiet time, or after the little ones are in bed for the night. 

We owe it to our children to be the most well prepared, informed, and equipped moms possible. 

Homeschool Made Simple is an investment in YOUR education. It is a resource I will be watching again and again as each homeschool year approaches. 

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Are you investing in YOUR continuing education?  Tell me about it!  

Have any questions about the videos? Leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer them!