Learn About Heroes of the Christian Faith

Learn About Heroes of the Christian Faith


Do your children know about heroes of the Christian faith?  

Do YOU know that a study of Christian heroes not only teaches our children about people who have lived extraordinary faith lives, but it is also teaches them about history and geography? 

Most importantly, learning about Christian heroes provides our children with role models... and an inspiration of how to live our faith in BIG ways. 

I began to take an interest in learning about missionaries after we read the Elizabeth Elliot story, Joyful Surrender. Her story moved me and inspired me, and I wanted to expose my children to as many great Christian heroes as possible. 

My husband and I also teach a 4th-6th grade Sunday School class at church. The theme this year is "Heroes of the Faith". 

We are learning about heroes from the Bible and also heroes from modern times. The children are learning so much and so are their teachers!  {wink}   I'd love to share some of the resources we are using, because I think it makes for a beautiful homeschool or Sunday School study. 

Read & Notebook About Heroes of the Faith

Our favorite missionary biographies are Christian Heroes, Then and Now

We've read the biographies of Nate Saint, Jim Elliott, Rachel Saint, and Corrie ten Boom. 

They are sold individually, or in boxed sets.  Each and every book has been interesting for our family, and we have many more on our shelves at home to read. 

Read and Notebook about Heroes of the Christian Faith

After we read one of the biographies, my children notebook about the person they studied. 

And -- you guessed it -- we use a set from Notebooking Pages to guide us! The Famous Missionary notebooking pages are MARVELOUS. If you can't find the missionary you are looking for, there are blank missionary pages, but -- as you can see below, you can find many missionaries already have a pre made notebooking page.

When we learned about Lillian Trasher, the woman who opened the first orphanage in Egypt, we listened to her story (the audio books are so well done) and found a page for her in the Notebooking Pages member center. 

Learn About Heroes of the Christian Faith

Your children could keep a gorgeous notebook of all of the missionaries studied.  (Just an idea!)

There is also a notebooking pages set for famous people in church history - another area you can explore in depth with your children. 

Five additional missionary books for kids:

Each of these series are wonderful -- we have an assortment of these books in our library and I like picking and choosing.

The Torchlighters - Heroes of the Faith

In our Sunday School class we have been using the Torchlighters videos.  

These are an EXCELLENT resource - each CD contains the animated story of the hero, as well as documentaries for older children and adults and also PDF worksheets to supplement. 

I know these can be viewed for FREE if you have an Amazon Prime membership, and also - CC Connected users receive these as part of the marvelous video subscription that was added to CC Connected this year. 

Learn About Heroes of the Christian Faith

We've been alternating these videos with Biblical heroes and it's making for a lovely Sunday School class this year.  

Learn About Heroes of the Christian Faith

Do you study Heroes of the Faith in your homeschool?  What's your favorite resource?