Learn About the Periodic Table

What do you remember about the Periodic Table from your days in school? The answer for me is not much at all! But as with many, many things, homeschooling my children is allowing me to re-claim my own education

My homeschool philosophy has long been one of simplicity and FUN, and these resources will help you keep things easy and engaging for your children. 

I'm sharing some of the resources I've pulled together to help our family learn all about the Periodic Table. I hope you find this round up of resources helpful for your homeschool also!

Learn About the Periodic Table

Learn About the Periodic Table

Below are some resources to help you teach your family all about the Periodic Table. There are helpful videos, books, songs, notebooking pages, and more. Have fun!

TED-Ed Periodic Videos Click on any of the elements of the Periodic Table and go straight to a video lesson about that element. They have a lesson for every single element! This is so cool! This team of scientists has made it so simple for you to teach your kids about the elements. They show you experiments and explain each element.

Carbon - The Building Blocks of Life I like this short video from Answers in Genesis that shows the ingenuity of our Creator and how perfectly elements work together in the world around us. 

Periodic Table of the Elements in Pictures This awesome table shows real life examples of where the elements can be found. You can print out this table for easy reference. There is even a downloadable set of flash cards of the periodic table. This is a fabulous resource for teachers.

Dynamic Periodic Table You and your students can click around the Periodic Table and a wealth of information will pop up about each element. 

Lapbook or Notebook Your Way Through the Periodic Table

Create a Periodic Table Lapbook This lapbook found on Homeschoolshare uses the Fizz, Bubble & Flash book to reinforce teaching about elements in the Periodic Table. My kids love doing anything hands-on. This would be a fun project to do. It says it is best suited for ages 9 and up although you could let your younger children join in. 

Periodic Table Notebooking Pages We have a lifetime membership to Notebooking Pages and it has been well worth the investment. It's my go-to place for ready-to-go notebooking pages for any new topic we study. They offer a set of pages for the Periodic Table that you could easily add to your science studies. There are even blank Periodic Tables that you could use in a variety of ways as your children memorize the Periodic Table!

More Fun with the Periodic Table

How to Make Magnetic Slime and Learn About the Periodic Table  We had so much fun with this --- you'll be the best mom around if you do this with your kids!

Periodic Table Battleship This simple game of Battleship, that you can make at home, will be a great way to help your children get more familiar with the Periodic Table. 

Periodic Table Writer This is a fun website where you can plug in words and it will create it using the Periodic Table. Play around with different words and see how it writes the words using the elements of the Periodic Table. Check out this cute graphic I made for Homegrown Learners!

Books & Activities About the Periodic Table

Are you teaching your children about the Periodic Table this year? I hope these resources have been helpful to you!

Learn About the Periodic Table