Learn Latin & Greek Roots with WordUp!

A fun vocabulary study is under way in our homeschool. 

Better still, it is an independent study done on the computer in short, focused lessons.   

I have been seeing so much about WordUp from many of my friends on Instagram... now we are giving it a try! 

I am AMAZED at the learning taking place through this simple, humorous vocabulary show!  

I received a copy of this product in exchange for this review. The thoughts and opinions here are my own. We NEVER use something we don't like or cannot endorse wholeheartedly. This post contains affiliate links. 

About WordUp! the Vocab Show

WordUp comes in DVD or downloadable video format.  We are using the downloadable video - so simple to do! 

It is created by Compass Classroom -- also the creators of Visual Latin. 

Specifics about WordUp

  • 10 video lessons (SHORT!  12-15 minutes each)
  • covers 20 Latin & Greek roots
  • more than 200 English derivatives
  • links to Quizlet flashcards to coincide with each lesson

You can see sample lessons and videos to see if this is something you would like.

 I love a product that lets me try before I buy!  

And, did I mention this is all just $15? I think that's great for everything you get!  

Word Up! The Vocab Show from Compass Classroom

Why We LOVE WordUp!

My 10 year old son has been working through the lessons this summer. 

They are humorous (laugh out loud kind of funny) and keep his attention. That humor also makes the words STICK in his memory. 

Yesterday, when my son needed to get some water he said, "Mom, I'm very thirsty.  Time to HYDRATE!"  

He had learned this word was a derivative of the Greek HYDRO, or water. 

WordUp! is giving immediate, useful knowledge in a humorous manner. 

Each lesson comes with a link to Quizlet online. Here my son can practice all of the words in each lesson.

He can drill the flash cards, practice spelling, and play some games. 

Then, a test is generated. He can take that, print it out, and I have evidence of his learning. 

WordUp! lets me evaluate learning and I like that. 

Latin & Greek Word Study Pages

Using Notebooking Pages with WordUp!

WordUp! can stand all by itself. In fact, I know many people that just use the $15 video curriculum and are perfectly happy with that. 

We are taking it one step further by using our Notebooking Pages subscription (I have a Lifetime Membership, and this is included - you can also purchase the pages for just $2 as a set.).


I printed the Latin & Greek Word Study Notebooking Pages, and my son is creating a notebook to go along with WordUp!  He writes the English derivative, the definition, uses it in a sentence, and also determines the part of speech. 

When I discovered this connection I was VERY excited -- it makes a great resource even MORE meaningful for my guy. 


Here's a sample of one of the pages.  

As my son goes through the videos, he completes the information. You can see that it incorporates dictionary skills, writing skills, grammar skills, and more. 

Again -- this is TOTALLY OPTIONAL - but I really like this supplement. I'm even considering having my 13 year old complete this study later in the summer. 

Using Notebooking Pages to learn Latin & Greek Roots

Final Thoughts about WordUp!

I would encourage you to look at the samples of WordUp! and then give it a try. 

Whether you are supplementing a language study, or using this as your primary language study, I feel it is a superb way to learn English vocabulary and Latin & Greek roots. It requires very little work from the parent and is enjoyable for the student.

I'm so thankful to Compass Classroom for letting us try this product.  

It's a KEEPER!  

Word Up! The Vocab Show from Compass Classroom