LEGO Animal Cell

LEGO learning can make any subject more fun and interesting. 

Using LEGO bricks also usually LOCKS that learning into a LEGO lover's brain! 

So, this week, when it came time to learn about the parts of an animal cell, my son immersed himself in LEGOS for a few hours and developed a great model of an animal cell. 

LEGO Animal Cell

As part of our Classical Conversations science memory work, my son needed to memorize the parts of an animal cell. Since I am a firm believer that the memory work is enough, we generally don't expand too much.

I printed a simple diagram of an animal cell and pulled out our Acts & Facts Biology Science Cards.  I love the Acts & Facts cards because they provide just ENOUGH information... but not too much to overwhelm the elementary age child.  

 Right now the focus is on MEMORIZING the parts of the cell, not knowing the functions of each of those parts. That will come LATER. 

LEGO Animal Cell

I gave Grant the task of creating an animal cell with LEGO bricks.  

He used a different piece for each of these parts of the cell:

  • Nucleus
  • Cytoplasm
  • Vacuole
  • Mitochondria
  • Cell Membrane/Wall
  • Golgi Bodies

He also opted to make his cell rectangular, because then he could use a base plate to hold everything. We realize this isn't the shape, but hey -- I wasn't going to get picky with him because I was so thrilled with his creativity.

Build a LEGO Animal Cell

He used flags to label each part of the cell, and attached them with tape. 

I love all of the little animals he put on the cell wall (from our LEGO® Education StoryStarter set). 

How to Make a LEGO Animal Cell

I love the finished product! 

How to Make a LEGO Animal Cell

We looked up some fun facts about animal cells, and Grant wrote a simple presentation for CC community day next week.   



Here's a video to show you the cell up close and personal.  

Please visit my LEGO Learning page to learn more ways to use LEGO bricks in your child's education. 

The possibilities really are endless! 

Do you use LEGOS to teach your kids?  Tell me about it in the comments below.  

And, isn't this the cutest LEGO Themed Latin Daily Calendar?  It's perfect for the LEGO lover in your house -- and sneaks in that Latin vocabulary, too!