Moms: Take the Time to Read

As spring progresses and we get busier and busier, reading is a refuge.  

My 2017 Reading Resolution isn't an obligation anymore, it's become a HABIT. 

My kids know that sometimes mom sequesters (there's a great vocabulary word!) herself for a few minutes of reading. Sometimes we all sit down and read a book. Other times I grab a few minutes in the car, or maybe 30 minutes before I fall asleep. 

It's worth it!

A couple of months ago I recommended Liturgy of the Ordinary - I am revisiting this book right now because I'm leading a book/Bible study for the women of my church.

What a balm this book is for my soul. It is teaching me to see God in the cracks of my days. It is teaching me to slow down. It is teaching me that without God my life is nothing, and my days are void of meaning.

It's interesting how this book has lead me directly into another book (which I will tell you about in a minute), and I know the Holy Spirit is directing my reading habits. 

I've also been fueled by an interest in American History, so you'll find this month's list reflecting that, too.

On to the recommendations.

Reading List for Moms: May

Historical Fiction

I have been interested in Thomas Jefferson recently. These books deal with his daughter, his mistress, and also his involvement in Tripoli.  All of them are excellent, and reading them in succession has made me want to pay a visit to Monticello!

There's a little bit of romance, intrigue, and also solid history in these books, so it's a good mix.

America's First Daughter

Sally Hemmings

Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates


Education/Personal Growth

The Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian Nation

(The author of this book, Rod Dreher was referenced in Liturgy of the Ordinary. Everyone is buzzing about this book right now, and if you are a Classical homeschooling parent you will especially appreciate the points Dreher makes.)



The Screwtape Letters

(Another connection - this book was quoted in Liturgy of the Ordinary. Screwtape Letters was on my daughter's Challenge II reading list, and after seeing it mentioned in Liturgy of the Ordinary I decided to read it as well.)


Fluff/Beach Read

First Comes Love

I'm a huge Emily Giffin fan, and this book has come highly recommended.  When my brain just needs a fun escape I can reach for one of her books and achieve my goal.  They are well written, entertaining, and quick!


America's First Daughter: A NovelSally Hemings: A Novel (Rediscovered Classics)Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American HistoryThe Benedict Option: A Strategy for Christians in a Post-Christian NationThe Screwtape LettersFirst Comes Love: A Novel



What are you reading right now?  

Leave me a comment so I can add books to my list. I always love recommendations!




May Reading List for Moms