Why Music Matters in Kids' Lives

Music is an integral part of our lives, therefore an integral part of our homeschool.



Kavanaugh writes about creating the right musical home environment.  The key, he says, is this:

1.  I want my children to learn about music.

2.  They will learn much better if they love learning about music.

3.  They will love learning much easier if they see that


love learning about music.  

(taken from page 41, Raising Musical Kids)

Don't feel that you have to be musical to guide your child's music education!!  You simply must desire to learn with your child... the rest will take care of itself.    

Now that is out of the way, here is why I feel music is so important for our children!!  

Why study music?


Music can brighten anyone's mood

- the next time you are having a bad day, turn on your favorite music and take a break to sing, dance, or listen.


Studying music increases mathematical and scientific reasoning skills


All things become easier with music

, whether it is learning the capitals of the states, multiplication tables, or the three states of matter (yes, I do know a song about that one!).


Learning to play an instrument requires a lot of decision making.

I give piano lessons and I know there are at least six decisions that go on simultaneously while you play the piano.


Learning to play an instrument also requires DISCIPLINE


my daughter practices 20-30 minutes each day. She knows that if she doesn't, her lessons won't go well and she dreads that.


Learning to play an instrument requires PATIENCE



Listening to music from a particular culture/time period gives us a glimpse into life at that point in time

. It deepens our understanding and appreciation of history.


Sharing music with your family and friends increases emotional connections


. I can't replicate the communication my daughter and I have when we sit at the piano and play duets - it is an unspoken communication.


Music is a perfect way to express


- whenever I am nervous, upset - you name it - I can sit at the piano and get rid of some of that tension through making music. It is a gift I always thank my parents for giving me.

and the

number one reason to include music in your homeschool



Music is a reflection of all things beautiful in this world

- we want our children to appreciate beauty and pass this along to their children.

"Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp."

Psalm 147:7

Join me tomorrow where I'll share a simple way to incorporate music into your homeschool ~ with a free download and lots of ideas!

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