Senior Year Homeschool Plans

It is a strange feeling to be approaching the homeschool finish line with my oldest child.

One moment I feel ready, equipped, and prepared; the next moment - I don't. 

My daughter could say the exact same thing.

I'm watching her manage life with such competence and certainty. She has hit her stride.  God has big plans for her, and I'm praying this year she will continue to follow His will and walk the path set before her.

As a homeschooling parent I have tried to stay in my own lane, and (to be fully transparent) there have been a few times where I've strayed. It's all part of the process. God wastes no experience.

This year I will have the opportunity to reflect on my precious girl's education - and to be thankful we didn't waste a minute of this time together. 

Senior Year Homeschool Plans

How Do You Know What Classes to Take in High School?

Many of my friends who are just a bit behind us on the homeschool journey ask me how I knew what Anna should take. Here's my answer:

  • Research possible colleges your child could attend and what their requirements for admission are.
  • Know (and keep in a prominent place) your state's graduation requirements.
  • Know (and keep in a prominent place) your state's scholarship requirements.
  • Look at HSLDA Homeschool HIgh School -- so much help here!
  • What are your child's interests?
  • What sounds like fun, or is something you couldn't get in a traditional school environment? Include that in your child's high school plans.

We've utilized a mixture of online coursework, classes at a local Classical school, and some time spent in the Classical Conversations Challenge program. She's taken what would be considered "courses of rigor" and Advanced Placement courses. We've also designed a few of our own classes along the way. 

At one point we lost the wonder in her schooling - and we corrected course the following year. I believe she learned more from that one experience than she did from many other things combined.

All in all, I'm happy with the way things have gone. We've run the race set before us, and the finish line is in sight!

Senior Year Homeschool Plans

Coursework for Senior Year

Most of Anna's credits are out of the way, so this year isn't quite as academically busy as last year. This leaves time for work, applying to college, and volunteer work.

In addition to her classes, she is working 10 hours/week watching a family's children after school. This allows her to keep saving money for college, as well as learn the valuable lesson of time management and hard work. 


What About Testing, Dual Enrollment, AP Credit, Clep Testing, Transcripts, College, and More?

If you are like me, I know you have a million questions about these things. 

In the coming months I'll walk you through what I have done in each of these areas. I pray it will be helpful to you.

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