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Collage Friday - Sharks, Titanic, & Handel

This week was all about learning.

Get ready.  

This post is full of links for our interest led studies that include lots of lapbooking, notebooking, music, and our favorite resource of the week. 

It was rainy and cold most of the week.  We didn't go anywhere spectacular. 

Most of the week (other than our co-op day) was spent at home, working on lapbooks, notebooks, reading aloud, practicing instruments, and playing games.

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Discovering Dinosaurs - A Unit Study/Lapbook Tour



We love to lapbook!   

Recently, my son completed a dinosaur lapbook and I had him give a "video tour" of his work.  

{This was a huge motivator for him - what child doesn't like to see themselves on film?}

Following are the resources we used for our study, a study which was fueled by my son's interest in dinosaurs.

Many materials I already had here at home because I had a feeling we would get to this at some point this year.    I've posted before about interest-led learning.   Most of my son's learning this Kindergarten year has been interest led and I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I knew my son was interested in dinosaurs I scoured our books for dinosaurs.   

We also made a trip to the library and just sat in the dinosaur section picking out books together - this was fun!    I knew Homeschool Share would have a lapbook about dinosaurs, so printed out all the lapbook elements and we set to work.   ** I need to mention that I also picked up adorable flashcards and a dinosaur workbook last summer at Target in their dollar section.   Keep your eyes out when you go to Target - they have some great stuff there!

We did a little bit of dinosaur study each day, and the entire unit took us two weeks.   I integrated dinosaurs into everything.  Each day I gave him a different dinosaur fact for copywork, we made up math word problems about different types of dinosaurs.   We had such fun!     I hope you find these resources helpful if you embark upon a study of dinosaurs. 


Book List for Dinosaur Unit Study



Lapbook Videos 



Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:


Do you enjoy lapbooking?  

What about unit studies to fuel your interest led learners?