Discovering Dinosaurs - A Unit Study/Lapbook Tour



We love to lapbook!   

Recently, my son completed a dinosaur lapbook and I had him give a "video tour" of his work.  

{This was a huge motivator for him - what child doesn't like to see themselves on film?}

Following are the resources we used for our study, a study which was fueled by my son's interest in dinosaurs.

Many materials I already had here at home because I had a feeling we would get to this at some point this year.    I've posted before about interest-led learning.   Most of my son's learning this Kindergarten year has been interest led and I wouldn't have it any other way.

When I knew my son was interested in dinosaurs I scoured our books for dinosaurs.   

We also made a trip to the library and just sat in the dinosaur section picking out books together - this was fun!    I knew Homeschool Share would have a lapbook about dinosaurs, so printed out all the lapbook elements and we set to work.   ** I need to mention that I also picked up adorable flashcards and a dinosaur workbook last summer at Target in their dollar section.   Keep your eyes out when you go to Target - they have some great stuff there!

We did a little bit of dinosaur study each day, and the entire unit took us two weeks.   I integrated dinosaurs into everything.  Each day I gave him a different dinosaur fact for copywork, we made up math word problems about different types of dinosaurs.   We had such fun!     I hope you find these resources helpful if you embark upon a study of dinosaurs. 


Book List for Dinosaur Unit Study



Lapbook Videos 



Part 1:


Part 2:

Part 3:


Do you enjoy lapbooking?  

What about unit studies to fuel your interest led learners?