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Learn About Pi With LEGO® Bricks - Free Printable


Learn About Pi with LEGO Bricks

Let's completely geek out for this post. 

Stick with me. This was a FUN activity with my nine year old son, and I am just willing to bet that you have a child similar to him living in your house, too!

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Special Deal from LEGO® Education

So many of you message me about deals from LEGO® Education.  I am proud to be an ambassador for this wonderful company and want to share the knowledge I have of LEGO® Education with my readers.

Yes, sometimes basic brick sets can be on sale via Amazon or other outlets, but it's rare for these exceptional products to be on sale.

Currently, there is a group buy deal going on through the Homeschool Buyers' Co-Op. The co-op is free to join and offers many deals for homeschoolers.

 I have reviewed a few of the sets that are on sale currently - so you can read about our experiences and also check out the deal through the co-op:



The other items we also own, and have used, but not as extensively as of yet.  There is SO MUCH to a product from LEGO® Education that you can literally use it for YEARS.

Explore the deals for yourself, and I hope you can take advantage of these stellar products for your children. They are WELL worth the investment.



LEGO Minifig Valentine Writing Prompts and My Little Romeo



Can I tell you something funny?

I have a real lover boy on my hands. My nine year old son (and I have no clue where he gets this!) has quite a heart for the ladies.

At a large family Thanksiving gathering he piped up and told everyone who his "girlfriend" was.


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