Thanksgiving Bingo For Kids

Thanksgiving is a time for making memories.

My kids always remember me reading The Great Turkey Walk and Silly's Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner  (And of course, my favorite has always been The Thanksgiving Story.)

We fondly remember Oreo Turkeys and lining the Thanksgiving table with butcher paper to record our thankfulness when the children were little. 

Take the entire month of November to make FUN memories with your kiddos -- memories you all will be THANKFUL for.

Thanksgiving Bingo for Kids

Aren't you amazed at how much kids love BINGO? When I was a teacher my students would do ANYTHING on the promise that we could play BINGO.  As a homeschooling mom I love having BINGO games for co-op and other fun times.

This FREE download includes 6 printable BINGO player cards and 24 calling cards.

I'm also including a list of books below that are our favorites for this time of year.


Download Thanksgiving BINGO For Kids

Thanksgiving Books for Kids