The Hidden Benefits of Homeschool

There are some OBVIOUS benefits of homeschool, right?

Letting our children learn at their own pace, exploring interests, and not conforming to "standards" are just a few of the most common benefits that come to mind.

This week, however, our family is taking advantage of some benefits of homeschool that are more hidden - but benefits that might be some of the most valuable I've encountered in our homeschooling tenure. 


Homeschool: Take Part in "Real Life"

Between my husband and I we have had three parents with life threatening issues in the past six months. These issues have required hospitalizations, rehab, and much help from family members. 

How many times we have thanked God for the ability to be FLEXIBLE. We have thanked Him for our freedom to homeschool and to include our children in these inevitable events of life. 

As Anna and I have been helping my mom get to and from radiation treatments this week we have learned a lot about patience and compassion. We have gotten out of ourselves and into SERVING OTHERS.  My Anna, who has a huge heart, has been observing all of the therapists and nurses carefully - making comments that she would like to do something like this one day. 

We are so fortunate that my mom and dad live in a beautiful community in South Florida - we are able to still enjoy the great weather, swimming, golf cart rides, and just the outdoors in general.  

It's not your typical "Spring Break", but sometimes life isn't typical. Sometimes people need your help and you do what is necessary. This lesson my children cannot learn from a book. 

This lesson is a hidden benefit of homeschooling. 

Homeschool: Living "Off the Grid"

My husband and I lived our lives "on the grid" for a long time. 

We sent our oldest child to school and worked traditional 9-5 jobs. I think we had never known any different, so we just proceeded down that path that was well worn and safe.

Hopefully we are teaching our children to live "off the grid" now. My husband has a job that allows him a lot of flexibility.  We are learning to take more risks and venture off of that path we used to be on.   

Another hidden benefit of homeschool - it has changed our life as a FAMILY in profound ways. 

We want faith, family, creativity, and education to be our priorities.  

(I have been reading a superb little book that has been an inspiration to me - by Madeleine L'Engle. I highly recommend!) 

So this week - while we have been here helping my mom and dad - my husband has been working, and also helping grandma and grandpa, too.  

The boys could also take advantage of baseball spring training here in SW Florida, too! 

{ I also have to mention that I am thankful for Classical Conversations - because I am the ultimate teacher, there is flexibility to adjust my Challenge student's work load so that we have time to focus on our family.  }


Homeschool: Living our Faith

The biggest hidden benefit of homeschool has been that I can share my faith with my children each and every moment of the day. 

As Anna and I were sitting in the waiting room for my mom's radiation treatments, we talked about how this was an opportunity to show God's love to others. Even though Grandma is battling a serious illness, we know that God WILL be glorified through this. 

I love that my children can witness our family living our faith each and every day. 

If my children were in school each and every day there would be so many outside influences, and so much TIME taken up with things that just really aren't important. 

These are precious years in my children's lives and I want to know that they have been lived WELL, and that I have imparted as much as possible to them - in order to equip them to be servants when they leave our home one day. 

Again, I am abundantly thankful we are in a position to homeschool and live like we do. 

(Speaking of that, check out a great article I found this week, about homeschooling being a METHOD, and not a MANDATE... it's a good reminder for all of us I think. While homeschooling is wonderful for MY family, it may not be best for all, and we need to be careful of our judgmental attitudes.)


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